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FHWA Resource Center


Freight Planning

At federal, state and local transportation agencies, freight planning continues to garner greater attention and action. This is due, in large part, to the increased freight activity on our transportation system today, coupled with dramatic projections of freight movements in the future. The Resource Center's Planning team provides technical assistance and training on a wide range of freight and operations issues.

Freight Planning Technical Assistance Tailored to customer requirements (length and topics), Resource Center specialists provide freight planning technical assistance on a range of issues, including freight studies, private sector involvement, and data and forecasting. Length: Varies. For more information, contact jocelyn.jones@dot.gov, Thomas.kearney@dot.gov


National Highway Institute (NHI) courses are now available for request. Tailored workshops on a variety of freight issues are also available. These can be requested directly from the Resource Center Planning team, and have been developed in conjunction with the FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations and the FHWA Office of Planning. For information on any of these offerings, please contact the team member (s) listed below.

Advanced Freight Planning (NHI 139003) This course expands on freight topics covered in other FHWA-developed freight planning courses to provide techniques and strategies designed for those individuals directly involved in the implementation of transportation planning, programming and allocation of resources. It provides participants with the skills needed to identify, prioritize, develop and implement freight supportive projects. This is an advanced level course and it focuses heavily on resources and solutions, and how those solutions can be applied to developing plans and programs for public and private sectors. Length: 2 days. For more information, go to the NHI Website.

Engaging the Private Sector in Freight Planning Provides strategies and techniques to initiate private-public sector cooperation, identifies key private sector stakeholders, and suggests ways to improve communication. Successful approaches employed at several State departments of transportation (DOTs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are also discussed. Length: 1 day. For more information, contact jocelyn.jones@dot.gov.

Engaging the Private Sector in Freight Planning, Executive Summary Provides an overview of tools and techniques to develop and sustain relationships, either formally or informally, with key private sector freight stakeholders. Webcast Delivery. Length: 1-2 hours. For more information, contact jocelyn.jones@dot.gov.

Freight Security Awareness Web-Based Primer and Workshop The Primer is a self-paced computer product that provides an overview of security initiatives and focuses on how transportation agencies can incorporate security-related issues and programs within their traditional, day-to-day transportation planning activities. A complementary freight security awareness workshop is available upon request. Length: Primer is self-paced 1 to 2 hours; Workshop one day. For more information, contact crystal.jones@dot.gov .

Integrating Freight in the Transportation Planning Process (NHI 139006) This is the WBT version of NHI’s instructor led course NHI 139001. It provides participants with a understanding of the various stakeholders, trends, and issues associated with freight transportation. It also addresses a challenge many transportation planners in the public sector face: how to best incorporate varying perspectives on freight in a way that results in safe and efficient transportation system for both people and goods. After completion, participants will be better prepared to incorporate freight considerations into their respective transportation planning processes and programs. Length: Web-based self paced. For more information, go to the NHI website.

Integrating Freight in the Transportation Planning Process, Executive Summary Provides a brief overview of freight transportation, its stakeholders, and its issues. Can be tailored and targeted for State DOT executives and MPO Board members. Webcast Delivery. Length: 1-2 hours. For more information, contact or jocelyn.jones@dot.gov.

Linking Freight to Planning and the Environment (NHI139005) Provides transportation, environmental, and freight planners and engineers in both the public and private sectors with skills to better integrate freight and environmental considerations throughout the planning, programming, and project development processes. Through case studies and hands-on exercises, the course teaches participants how to incorporate freight and environmental considerations into their existing polices and activities and help to mainstream freight and environmental elements with State DOTS, MPOs, and other organizations. Length: 2 days. For more information, go to the NHI website.

Transportation Planning for the Private Sector Presentation State DOTs and MPOs can use this presentation to explain the public sector transportation planning process to private sector stakeholders and to encourage collaboration. Length: Up to 2 hours. For more information, contact jocelyn.jones@dot.gov.

Uses of Multimodal Freight Forecasting in Transportation Planning (NHI 139002) Provides an overview of freight forecasting and the techniques for forecasting freight at the metropolitan and state levels, examines the factors that influence economic growth and distribution of freight traffic, and reviews notable practices. Length: 3 days. For more information, go to the NHI Website.

In addition to Resource Center training and technical assistance opportunities, the following links provide a good source of information on this topic:

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FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations

FHWA Freight Analysis

FHWA Freight Professional Development Program

National Trade Associations:

For further information contact: jocelyn.jones@dot.gov, Thomas.kearney@dot.gov

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