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Transportation Planning Update
Winter 2011


Every Day Counts PEL Linkages Next Steps

Now that the intensive internal Every Day Counts (EDC) training and the ten outreach summits are behind us, it is time to focus on documenting what the individual States are doing to link Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL). The goal of PEL/EDC is that at least 50% of the States will have implemented the use of the PEL questionnaire or an equivalent process by December 31, 2011. Please see the EDC/PEL website and the PEL website for detailed information on the questionnaire and the criteria for determining equivalence. If your State has an existing process to link Planning and Environment that appears to be equivalent to the PEL Questionnaire, or if your State is planning to update or enhance its PEL process, we ask that you coordinate any of these with your Division Office or the FHWA Headquarters Planning and Environment liaisons so that we can gather all of information necessary to help us meet the EDC goal. If you have any questions on PEL or the EDC/PEL initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Spencer Stevens (Office of Planning) at 202-366-0149 or spencer.stevens@dot.gov.

EDC/PEL website: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/everydaycounts/projects/toolkit/planning.cfm

FHWA’s PEL website: http://environment.fhwa.dot.gov/integ/edc.asp

Extension Through End of Fiscal Year

On March 3rd, the Senate passed an extension of SAFETEA-LU and Highway Trust Fund authorities through September 30, 2011 (H.R. 662). This provides FHWA with funding and operating authority for the remainder of this fiscal year, which makes US DOT not dependent on a Continuing Resolution (CR) or year-long appropriations bill to continue operations.

However, the CR through March 18 and eventual FY 2011 appropriations bill will continue to limit our overall funding levels (currently at FY 2010 levels), and may include other provisions affecting FHWA (such as a rescission of ARRA balances).

Economic Development

On May 1-3, 2011, the fourth international conference to concentrate on the link between transportation and economic development will be held in Charleston, WV. The conference is called ITED-2011. It will include discussion of global concerns, financial constraints, emerging transportation needs of business and the economic development requirements of communities at local, regional, state, national and global levels.

Sponsoring organizations include FHWA, the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Delta Regional Authority, TRB, the National Association of Development Organizations and both for profit and not-for profit companies and institutions. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has accepted an invitation to speak at this conference as have US Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin and US Representatives Nick J. Rahall II and Shelley Capito. The website for program information, hotels, registration, etc. is: http://www.ited2011.org/index.html


The Congestion Management Process: A Guidebook

FHWA will soon release an updated guidebook on the Congestion Management Process (CMP). The guidebook will provide practitioners with an understanding of the individual elements of a CMP and includes practical examples of how to implement a successful process based on lessons learned from MPOs across the country. This document are soon to be released at: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/planning/

Visualization Tools for CMP

In addition, a special report on the visualization techniques used in the CMP was prepared as an input to the CMP guidebook’s development. Showcasing Visualization Tools in Congestion Management highlights effective visualization practices that are currently in use by MPOs, noting examples of these practices, and the purpose, primary audience, data and analysis requirements of the visualizations.

The case studies and the guidebook as well will be posted at the link below by March 2011. These document are soon to be released at: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/planning/.

Planning for Operations Documents Posted on the Web

FHWA and FTA have just posted three foundational products that provide the core for an advancing objectives-driven, performance-based Operations program in regional areas and at the Statewide level. The first product, An Objectives-Driven, Performance-Based Approach -- A Guidebook, is the product that lays out the approach and framework for regional areas and State DOTs to begin moving forward with creating SMART, specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time bound, objectives that use performance measures as a vehicle to advance mobility solutions strategically.

The second document, The Building Blocks of a Model Transportation Plan Incorporating Operations -- A Desk Reference, has been created to allow MPO organizations, operators and planners to easily obtain types of operations objectives, performance measures, and operations projects and programs that they can utilize to put the “theory into practice” in starting the dialogue to advance the Planning for Operations approach. This document contains excerpts of a transportation plan that visually show how the “pieces fit together” to strategically advance Operations at the regional level.

The third product, Statewide Opportunities for Integrating Operations, Safety, and Multimodal Planning, showcases how State DOTs can utilize strategic Operations in concert with their work in Safety and Statewide Planning to advance programs that provide benefits across all three of these program areas. This product was developed working with a coalition of State DOTs, as well as with AASHTO. Taken together, these three products become a strong packet of resources for areas to start advancing strategic, performance-based Operations as a means to address our increasing overall mobility needs in an environment of limited financial resources.

Operating for Peak Performance Brochure for Elected/Appointed Officials

A planning for operations brochure “Getting the Most from Your Transportation System Investments: Operating for Peak Performance” targeted at elected or appointed officials is now available in hard-copy through the FHWA Office of Operations and Office of Planning. The purpose of this brochure is to educate leaders on the benefits of management and operations (M&O) and the use of objectives and performance measures to systematically integrate M&O into the transportation planning and funding decisions. The brochure uses quotes from local elected officials and quantitative results from studies on the effects of M&O to make the case. It also contains ideas for getting started with this objectives-driven, performance-based approach to planning for operations. Contact Egan Smith at egan.smith@dot.gov to get copies of the brochure.

Desk Reference Hyper-Linked CD Available Soon

A user-friendly CD will soon be available of the “Advancing Metropolitan Planning for Operations: The Building Blocks of a Model Transportation Plan Incorporating Operations - A Desk Reference”. The CD also contains three planning for operations case studies from Portland, Oregon; Champaign, Illinois; and Orlando, Florida. The hyper-linked CD allows the user to easily navigate the numerous operations objectives “fact sheets” in the Desk Reference so that the most relevant material can be quickly accessed. Contact Egan Smith at egan.smith@dot.gov to get copies of the CD.

Initiative to Track Metropolitan Planning for Operations Progress

We are now beginning a joint initiative with the FHWA Office of Operations to regularly assess the state of the practice among MPOs in planning for operations. Over the past several years FHWA and FTA have worked together with our state, regional, and local partners to advance metropolitan planning for operations.

This assessment will help us gauge the extent to which our training and guidance have been effective and led to implementation by these organizations. Conducting this assessment will help our agency improve upon our outreach and educational materials so that they better address the specific needs of MPOs and their partners in strategically advancing operations in the planning process in the future. We anticipate repeating the assessment periodically so that we can see how well we are doing over time.

The FHWA Division Offices will be an integral part of this assessment by working with FHWA Headquarters to provide input on many MPOs in their states via an online tool. Webinars to prepare Divisions for this effort will be held in mid-March. Be on the look out for more information to come through email. Contact Egan Smith (egan.smith@dot.gov or 202-366-6072).

Talking Traffic Webinars

The last “Talking Traffic” webinar was held on February 8th. The subject was the new FHWA Travel Monitoring Analysis System (TMAS 2.0) software that is being updated to include classification and weight data. This webinar went go over new features and requirements in the software. They also discussed the quality control checks for all data types and new reports available to users. For more information contact Steven Jessberger, (202) 366-5052 steven.jessberger@dot.gov .

Another Sustainability Rating System for Infrastructure

Last fall, we reported on a new FHWA Sustainable Highways Self-Evaluation Tool at www.sustainablehighways.org.

Better Roads February 3, 2011 eRoadPro Newsletter reports that the American Council of Engineering Companies, the American Public Works Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers have joined together to form the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). ISI will be a independent non-profit organization that will administer a rating system for sustainability based upon the triple bottom line concept. When it is launched in the summer of 2011, the rating will be applicable to a wide range of projects from roads to energy and water systems.


Planning Requirements and Their Relationship to NEPA Approvals

On February 9, 2011 FHWA transmitted a supplement to the January 28, 2008 “Transportation Planning Requirements and Their Relation to NEPA Process Completion” Informational Memorandum. This was in direct response to numerous questions that field staff have posed relevant to planning requirements and NEPA approvals. The information contained within the questions and answers is a reiteration of existing FHWA policy, current statutes, and regulation. The information clarifies when a final NEPA approval (Categorical Exclusion, Record of Decision, or Finding of No Significant Impact) can be made in relation to specific transportation planning and air quality conformity regulations, with a particular emphasis on fiscal constraint. The key emphasis areas of this memo are fiscal stewardship, transparency and consistency.

In support of this supplement, we plan to provide outreach through webinars, workshops, and/or meetings for the Division Offices, States, MPOs and local agencies in the near future. For additional information, or if you have questions or comments, please contact your headquarters planning or environmental liaison. We hope to have the 2/9/11 Q&As along with the original 1/28/08 memorandum posted on our website soon. https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/hep/legreg.htm For additional information, or if you have questions or comments, please contact Harlan Miller in the Office of Planning at (202) 366-0847, harlan.miller@dot.gov
or Ruth Rentch (202) 366-2034, ruth.rentch@dot.gov.

Climate Change Regional Workshops

FHWA will be having a number of invitation only, one-day workshops to provide an introductory, but comprehensive overview of global climate change for transportation agencies. The workshops establish a foundation for state DOTs and their partners to understand the basic science of climate change and respond to the rapidly emerging challenges, including new state regulations and policies.

Date State DOT

Apr 14 North Carolina
Apr 26 Arizona
May 9 Connecticut
May 16 Vermont
Jun 14 Massachusetts
Jun 29 District of Columbia
TBD Illinois

For more information contact: Diane Turchetta (202) 493-0158, diane.turchetta@dot.gov.

Climate Change Peer Exchange

The FHWA’s Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty and the Indiana Division Office, along with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), are holding a Peer Exchange on Minimizing the Effects of Climate Change on Transportation Systems in the Midwest. The workshop is scheduled to take place in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 28, 2011. This peer exchange will provide the opportunity for the Indiana MPO Council to discuss efforts underway in the region to reduce vulnerability of transportation systems to projected changes in climate and associated changes in extreme weather. It is anticipated that this peer exchange will focus on issues related to planning and emergency management. Contact Becky Lupes 202-366-7808, rebecca.lupes@dot.gov


FWS Long Range Transportation Plan

With Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFL) planning project management and the support of Central Federal Lands and Eastern Federal Lands planners, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service completed the first long range transportation plan (LRTP) at the regional level for the Department of Interior and is embarking on a national level plan. At the regional level, these plans describe the needs and priorities of the agency, how projects are selected, and identify potential partnerships and funding resources available to support a viable, multi-state transportation system. At the national level, this plan will describe the conditions of the Fish and Wildlife Service transportation system, what is needed to maintain or improve that system and provide policy level guidance.

Using a context sensitive approach, these planning documents recognize the importance of the visitor experience, natural and cultural resource protection, as well as system preservation, safety, mobility, and climate change to the Federal land management agencies. Having completed the USDA, Oregon Forest Highway Long Range Coordination Plan, WFL has also embarked on facilitating development of a long range transportation plan for the Armed Forces, Defense Access Road Program, as well as ongoing efforts with the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. Links to the USFWS Pacific Region LRTP and the Oregon Forest Highway LRTP can be found on the Western Federal Lands Highway Division website: http://www.wfl.fhwa.dot.gov/programs/planning.htm.


New DOT - Wide GIS License

US DOT has signed an enterprise wide GIS License Agreement with ESRI. Under the agreement, GIS software can be deployed in any of the Department’s Administrations and Offices. The Agreement covers any of the ARCGIS software and the available extensions. For more information about arranging for software licenses, Offices should contact Mark Bradford (202)-366-6810, mark.bradford@dot.gov or the Departments Geographic Information Officer Steve Lewis (202) 366-9223, steve.lewis@dot.gov.


Regional Livability Workshops

FHWA is sponsoring Workshops as a part of the Strategies for Livable Communities Project. The purpose of the workshops is to highlight efforts in livability and identify what is needed to promote a greater understanding of transportation’s role in livability among highway, transit, environmental and housing agencies. Five regional workshops will be held around the country to collect feedback on specific topics and needs related to livability such as elements of a regional livability framework, identification of livability challenges and proposed solutions, identification of tools, technical assistance, or materials that are needed to support livability. They are intended to promote a greater understanding of transportation’s role in livability. Practitioners from transportation, transit, environmental and housing agencies are being invited.

Sessions will be held at:

April 5, 2011 Atlanta, GA
April 7, 2011 Kansas City, MO
April 26, 27 or 28, 2011, Boston, MA
May 3, 2011, Sacramento, CA and
May 5, 2011, Denver, CO.

2010 Census Redistricting Data

If you are interested in when the redistricting data for your State will come out, here is a link to the Census web page with the status of the files http://2010.census.gov/2010census/data/. The data from PL-94-171, redistricting data, is the first small area (block) level data to be released from the 2010 Census. The data are being released on a rolling basis, about five states each week, to be completed April, 2011.

All the TIGER files that have the 2010 Census geography (e.g. tracts, and block groups and blocks) have already been released. You can find them at :

TAZ Software Training

The FHWA, in coordination with the Census Bureau’s Geography Division, hosted two web-based Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ) software training webinars, February 25 and February 28, 2011. The webinars demonstrated how to use the Master Address File/TIGER Partnership Software TAZ module. The webinars were recorded and archived on the AASHTO CTPP webinar page. http://ctpp.transportation.org/Pages/webinardirectory.aspx .

TAZ Delineation Criteria

Agencies are not required to delineate Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) or Traffic Analysis Districts for the Census Transportation Planning Package. If an agency chooses not to delineate TAZs for a county, the 2010 Census tracts will also become the TAZs for that county. Even if agencies do not plan to delineate TAZs, they may want to define Traffic Analysis Districts by aggregating block groups, census tracts, or counties together.

The TAZ business rules are posted at the FHWA webpage: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ctpp/tazddbrules.htm .

CTPP Online Training

Online training modules are being developed for these census information topics and will be available soon:

The American Community Survey

ACS-Based CTPP Data Products

Historic vs. Current CTPP Table Differences

Geography in CTPP
Understanding Margin of Error

CTPP Applications

Check the AASHTO CTPP site for availability: http://ctpp.transportation.org/Pages/elearningmodules.aspx

CTPP and ACS Schedule

Data Product and Planned Release Date

3-year CTPP (2006-2008 data) January 2011
3-year ACS (2007-2009 data) January 2011
2010 TIGER Files By end of February 2011
2010 Census Population Counts By April 1, 2011
TAZ/TAD Delineation Software By April 2011
TAZ/TAD Delineation Completed early July 2011
2010 Census Summary File 1 By August 2011
New PUMAs Defined Fall 2011
ACS(2010), ACS (2008-2010) and ACS (2006-2010) Fall 2011
New Urban Areas Released Spring 2012
5-year CTPP(2006-2010) Fall 2012
TIGER with Urbanized Areas and Urban Clusters Fall 2012

Contact: Ed Christopher, edc@berwyned.com (708) 283-3534.


Regional Finance Workshops

The FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery will host a series of Regional Technical Workshops for the FHWA Division, State DOT and MPO staff starting in April of this year. Building on the success of our first series of workshops in FY10, the FY11 workshops are designed to deliver comprehensive training on a variety of innovative and alternative finance topics, with a special emphasis on GARVEEs, P3s and SIBs.

Apr 26–28, 2011 New Orleans, LA
Jun 7-9, 2011 Chicago, IL
July 12-14, 2011 Denver, CO

For more information or to register visit:


CTOD Releases Transit Corridor Planning Guide

The Center for Transit-Oriented Development (CTOD) released “TOD 203: Transit Corridors and TOD,” the latest in CTOD’s ongoing series of best practices guidebooks funded by the Federal Transit Administration. Filled with real-world transit-oriented development lessons, the guidebook explains how corridor planning can facilitate not only successful transportation outcomes but also successful transit-oriented development.

The guidebook defines three corridor types (destination connector, commuter, and district circulator) and identifies the different implications for TOD associated with each type of transit corridor. Putting the theory to work, the guidebook identifies six objectives for transit and TOD at the corridor level from “Guide growth and development” to “Promote reinvestment and increase spending power” and pairs those with strategies to reach the objectives. You can find the report at: http://ctod.org/portal/node/2161. Contact: Becky Sullivan, Reconnecting America at bsullivan@reconnectingamerica.org, (202)429-6990 x206.

Recently Released TPCB Peer Reports

The FHWA/FTA Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB) – Peer Program has recently released a number of peer exchange summary reports from gatherings that have occurred over the past six months. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) hosted a one-day peer exchange at its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. MassDOT worked closely with the FHWA Massachusetts Division staff to structure a peer exchange that would provide its senior management team with expert advice from four other state DOTs experienced in performance management.

On August 30-31, 2010 the Atlanta Regional Council hosted a one-and-a half day peer exchange on “Effective Practices in Planning for Livable Communities at Metropolitan Planning Organizations.”

On October 6, 2010 discussions from a round table convening on “Forging Transit-Bicycle-Pedestrian Partnerships For Livable and Sustainable Communities” were documented and involved representatives from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), two national stakeholder organizations, and six transit agencies from around the country to discuss opportunities to better coordinate regional transit, bicycle, and pedestrian planning and project development. This exchange was held in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on October 6, 2010.
All reports can be found on the Transportation Planning Capacity Building website: http://www.planning.dot.gov/

FTA Environmental Protection Specialists

On February 24, 2011, the Administrator of the FTA distributed a “dear colleague” letter regarding a top priority for FTA to examine its environmental policies and processes. As part of that re-examination, the administrator has directed that at least one Headquarter Environmental Protection Specialist be assigned to FTA regional offices in the near future.

The principal functions of regional Environmental Protection Specialists will be: (1) to manage the environmental process, including supervising development of Notices of Intent and other instruments and conducting scoping meetings and hearings on documents, among other aspects of the process, and (2) to manage development of environmental documents, including environmental impact statements, the more complicated environmental assessments, and § 4(f) analyses, which are intended to protect parks, refuges and historic sites, among others. Assisting staff in attaining a more efficient, cost effective environmental process that meets pertinent Federal laws and regulations is the goal. As a result of this initiative, it is expected that the quality and usefulness of environmental documents will increase dramatically while the cost of document preparation will decrease, thereby saving taxpayer dollars.

The entire letter can be found at: http://www.fta.dot.gov/news/news_events_12398.html.


Talking Freight

The Talking Freight seminars are sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and are held via web conference. This means that you can view the PowerPoint presentation. Registration is open for the April Talking Freight Seminars. To register for these seminars, please visit https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/freightplanning/registration.htm. You will need to register for each seminar individually by clicking on the “Enroll” link to the right of the seminar information. The seminars are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT. Archives of past seminars can be found at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/freightplanning/talking.htm

Dates and topics for the upcoming seminars:

April 20 Understanding the Policy and Program Structure of National and International Freight Corridor Programs: International Scan

May 18 Clean Ports Program

June 15 Situational Awareness

Excellence Awards

2011 Discipline Awards

Nominations for the 2011 Transportation Planning Discipline Recognition Program (TPDR) will begin in May. This year’s theme is Back to Basics: Planning in Challenging Times. The theme recognizes that “doing your job” as a transportation planner in FHWA is becoming more complex, as the number of issues and initiatives continues to grow.

In an effort to solicit a broader range and scope of applications, and to reach out and highlight the good work of planners at all levels of FHWA, the nomination process is being expanded to include peer level nominations and self nominations with supervisor endorsement. The award categories for 2011 remain the same as in past years, they include: Planner of the Year, Transportation Planning Collaboration, and Transportation Planning Innovation. If you have any questions about the TPDR, please feel free to contact Scott Carson at Scott.Carson@dot.gov or (916)498-5029.


Bicycle Planning Guide

The National Association of City Transportation Officials has created a new guide to bicycle planning and design for facilities on urban streets. Included are solutions for creating complete streets. It is based on the experience from a number of cities around the world. For more information see http://nacto.org/cities-for-cycling/design-guide/ .

Meet the MPO Kids

In the San Antonio MPO’s continuing effort to reach out to all segments of their community for transportation planning, they have created a new website feature: MPO Kids. MPO Kids represent seven major areas of focus for transportation planning including Air Quality, Bicycling, Mapping, Safety, Transit, Transportation Modeling, and Walking.

The website (http://www.sametroplan.org/mpo_kids/main_kids.html) now features a “Kids Page” with downloadable stories with crossword and word search games. These printable materials will also be used at public meetings and other MPO-related projects and programs. The stories and puzzles are written for children from seven to 10 years of age and feature three key messages: transportation, safety and health.



Let’s Talk Planning

The FHWA and the FTA strive to provide the planning staff with current policy information, guidance, and an opportunity for dialog on key programmatic issues. The Let’s Talk Planning series of video/web meetings are information-sharing sessions for the FHWA and the FTA planners. These internal meetings are generally held the second Thursday every three months via video conference or webinar at 2 p.m. EDT. Material from previous LTP sessions can be found on the FHWA Planning Discipline SharePoint site.

Mark you calendars! The scheduled date for the upcoming 2011 video conferences are:

June 15, 2011 *Moved from the originally announced June 8 date due to a scheduling conflict) Topic TBA

Sept 21, 2011 TBA
Dec 14, 2011 TBA

If you have suggestions for LTP sessions, contact Ralph Rizzo, ralph.rizzo@dot.gov 401-528-4548, Rae Keasler rae.keasler@dot.gov 202-366-0329 or John Sprowls john.sprowls@dot.gov 202-366-5362.

Planning On the Web” Training Seminar Series

To help support the FHWA and FTA staff and promote continuous professional development of agency planners, the FHWA Resource Center is offering a series of internal web-based training seminars through an initiative known as “Planning on the Web” (POW). The POW training sessions are for the FHWA staff and will generally last 90 minutes to two hours.

Mark your calendars, the dates of the 2011 POW sessions are:

Apr 19 Decennial Census Transportation Data Products
May 17 TBA

If you cannot attend the POW session for a particular month, the presentations and other information resources are available on the Planning Discipline SharePoint Reference Library . An Outlook appointment for each session will be sent to the FHWA Field Planners e-mail group approximately three weeks before each session. We hope to “see” you at the next session and hear your feedback on the session, as well as future POW topics. If you have a topic that you think would be valuable to offer as a POW web-based training seminar, contact Lisa Randall, Ken Petty, or any member of the RC Planning Technical Service Team.

Planning Boot Camp

FHWA has established a Planning Discipline Professional Development Group to develop some web based training materials aimed at FHWA staff with new planning responsibilities. The materials are intended to be an introduction to field staff planning work. The first of the training will be available during the summer. This effort will be complementary to the PEAR+C Seminar planned for the fall. For more information contact Ben Williams, (404)562-3671, ben.williams@dot.gov .

2011 PEAR Seminar

Planning is under way for the 2011 FHWA Joint Planning, Environment, Air Quality, Realty and Civil Rights (PEAR+C) Disciplines Seminar. The Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty and the Office of Civil Rights are partnering with the Resource Center to present official learning and development opportunities to FHWA field specialists in FHWA’s mission critical program areas. Hold the week of September 12th open for the seminar. a location for the seminar is still in negotiation. A survey of the Field staff will be sent out soon to help with setting priorities for training.

For further information on the 2011 PEAR Seminar, please contact Jody McCullough jody.mccullough@dot.gov, (202)366-5001 or Rae Keasler rae.keasler@dot.gov, (202)366-0329.

Change in Planning Leadership

Jim Cheatham has taken a temporary assignment in charge of the FHWA Office Of Civil Rights while a permenent Associate Administrator is hired for that position. In the mean time, Harlan Miller will be the Acting Director of the FHWA Office of Planning.


New Webinar Series on Forecasting Land Use Activities

The Travel Model Improvement Program (TMIP) has started a new eight-part webinar series on Forecasting Land Use Activities. This webinar series will be an update to the popular one-day seminar from several years ago. The first two webinars were held February 10th, on Forecasting Land Use Activities and the Evolving State of the Practice and February 17th, on Using R for Travel Modeling.

Recordings of them can be found at http://tmip.fhwa.dot.gov/webinars.


Staff Changes

There have been several changes in staff recently.


Michael Morris moved from the CA Div Planning to the LA Metro Office Planning

Georgi Jasenovec moved from the Private Sector to the AZ Div Planning

Lori Porreca to the ID Div Planning

Marisel Lopez Cruz to the VA Div

Ian Chidister to the KY Div Planning

Michelle Allen to the IN Div

Michael Latuszek to the MO Div

Ken Frkonja moved from the Seattle MPO to the RC Planning Team

Andrew Pickard moved from Hampton Roads to the MPO MI Div

HQ Changes

Tameka Macon moved from the TN Div Planning to the Office of Planning

Felicia Young moved from the Office of Human Env to the EPA

Lucy Garliauskas moved from the MA Div Office to the Office of Human Environment

Robin Smith will be starting a temporary assignment to Qatar.


FHWA Resource Center Training

For information, see contacts at www.fhwa.dot.gov/resourcecenter/teams/planningair/ . You can find the Planning Menu of Resource Center technical assistance, and training at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/resourcecenter/teams/planningair/courses.cfm.

4/26-27/2011 Advancing Planning for Operations in Metropolitan Areas, Atlanta, GA

4/28/2011 Pilot workshop on Foundations of Dynamic Traffic Assignment , Tallahassee, FL

5/8/2011 CTPP Workshop at TRB Application Conference Reno, Nevada

National Transit Institute Training

For registration instructions see: www.ntionline.com/CourseDates.asp For session dates, see the list below.

Start Date End Date Location

4/12/2011 4/14/2011 Tucson, AZ
Introduction to Metropolitan Transportation Planning

4/12/2011 4/14/2011 Cleveland, OH
Public Involvement in Transportation Decisionmaking

4/12/2011 4/14/2011 Richmond, VA
Transportation and Land Use

4/27/2011 4/28/2011 Los Angeles, CA
Transit-Oriented Development

5/17/2011 5/19/2011 Los Angeles, CA
Public Involvement in Transportation Decisionmaking

5/24/2011 5/26/2011 Tucson, AZ
State and Metropolitan Transportation Programming

6/1/2011 6/3/2011 Charlotte, NC
Transportation and Land Use

6/1/2011 6/3/2011 Orange, CA
Financial Planning in Transportation

6/7/2011 6/8/2011 Newark, NJ
Transit-Oriented Development

National Highway Institute Courses

Try out the new NHI Web site at www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/home.aspx. Also, you can now check the schedule of web conferences at www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/resources/webconference/eventcalendar.aspx .

With the States experiencing difficulties with travel budgets, the FHWA has invested in web based courses to make it easier for people to get the training they need.

Web based courses available anytime:

Interested in Taking an NHI Web-based Training (WBT) Course? View this help guide on enrolling in an NHI WBT course.

Complete list of NHI web-based courses

Look for these web based courses on NHI’s web site:

ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS)

Integrating Freight in the Transportation Planning Process - Standard Version

Integrating Freight in the Transportation Planning Process - Accessible 508 Version

Introduction to NEPA and Transportation Decisionmaking

Traffic Monitoring and Pavement Design Programs

Highway Performance Monitoring System: An Introduction

Introducing Highway Federal-Aid
Standard Version

Introducing Highway Federal-Aid
Accessible 508 Version

Scheduled Courses in the next Quarter:

Austin, TX
Fundamentals of Title VI/Environmental Justice

Topeka, KS
Highway Program Financing

Newington, CT
Beyond Compliance: Historic Preservation in Transportation Project Development

Lincoln, NE
Fundamentals of Title VI/Environmental Justice

Lincoln, NE
Practical Conflict Management Skills for Environmental Issues

Travel Model Improvement Program Workshops

For more detail see: http://tmip.fhwa.dot.gov/conf_courses/ or contact: Sarah Sun (202) 493-0071, sarah.sun@dot.gov. For the NHI travel demand courses, see the NHI list.

Upcoming webinars :

April 14, 2011 Forecasting Land Use Activities (3): I-PLACES - Scenario Planning and Visioning

May 12, 2011 Forecasting Land Use Activities (4): PECAS - Spatial Input-Output Frameworks

Check back with the web site http://tmip.fhwa.dot.gov/discussions/webinars/ for future sessions.

If you missed previous webinars, you can view the recording of the webinar and download PDFs of the speaker’s presentations from the TMIP Web site.


2010 - 2011 Calendar

April 9 - 13, 2011 American Planning Association Annual National Planning Conference, Boston, MA

May 8-12, 2011 13th TRB National Transportation Planning Applications Conference Reno, NV.

May 14-19, 2011 13th National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference, Abingdon VA

May 18-21, 2011 Performance Measurement for Transportation Systems: Fourth U.S. and International Conference Irvine, California

Jun 6-7, 2011 TRB Using National Household Travel Survey Data for Transportation Decision Making: A Workshop Washington, D.C.

Jun 10-13, 2011 TRB Joint Summer Meeting Boston, MA

July 11-14, 2011 TRB 6th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium Madison WI

July 31-Aug 3, 2011 2011 Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference, Chicago, Ill

Aug 16-18, 2011 3rd Safe Routes to School National Conference, Minneapolis MN

Aug 21-25, 2011 International Conference on Ecology & Transportation, Seattle, WA

Aug 21-24, 2011 National Scenic Byways Conference, Minneapolis MN

Sept 2011 TRB Performance Measures for Transportation and Livability Conference, Austin, TX

Oct 25-27, 2011 Using Census Data for Transportation Applications Conference Irvine, CA

Oct 12-14, 2011 4th METRANS National Urban Freight Conference, Long Beach CA

Oct 19-22, 2011. National Preservation Conference, Buffalo NY

Fall 2011 4th International Conference on HOV/HOT and Managed Lanes

June 24-27, 2012 TRB 4th Urban Street Symposium, Chicago, IL

2012 National Evacuation Conference, New Orleans, LA

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