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Pedestrian Safety
Safety and Design Technical Services Team

Crashes involving pedestrians are the third highest crash type of traffic related fatalities. In 2005, 4,881 pedestrians were killed and nearly 64,000 were injured in traffic crashes. In light of these facts, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has set a goal to continually improve highway safety by reducing pedestrian crashes, fatalities and injuries by 10 percent by the year 2008. The Safety and Design Technical Service Team (TST) helps customers increase pedestrian safety in their communities.

The Resource Center’s Pedestrian Safety Team provides the following services:

• Assistance in Development of Pedestrian Safety Action Plans
o Build system wide plans.
o Identify and bring stakeholders to the table.
o Bring engineering technical assistance.
o Share best practices.
• Pedestrian Road Safety Audits
o Audit corridor or specific intersections.
o Identify problems.
o Assess alternative improvement strategies.
o Plan for implementation strategies.
o Share best practices.
• Technical assistance for pedestrian safety
o Provide assistance in intersections.
o Assist in roadway locations.
o Review current design standards for pedestrian considerations.

Transportation professionals seeking training or assistance with pedestrian safety issues may contact the Resource Center Safety & Design TST.

The Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System (PedSafe) is a series of tools designed to enable practitioners to effectively select and review engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to mitigate a known crash problem or to help change motorist and/or pedestrian behaviors. The PedSafe system includes several interactive tools and is designed to:
• Provide information on the countermeasures available for preventing pedestrian crashes and/or improving motorist & pedestrian behavior.
• Highlight the purpose, considerations, and cost estimates associated with each countermeasure.
• Provide a decision process to select the most applicable countermeasures for a specific location.
• Provide links to case studies showing the various treatments and programs implemented in communities around the country.
• Provide easy access to resources such as statistics, implementation guidance, and reference materials.

Workshops, Seminars and Courses

Designing Streets for Pedestrian Safety
2-day workshop
This class will provide participants with pedestrian safety engineering countermeasures that will make transportation systems safer by reducing the number of conflicts and collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians. The workshop will discuss the safety and operational effectiveness of various strategies, and the participants will leave the workshop realizing the importance of designing for all road users. There will be opportunities for participant involvement. Time to discuss local concerns will be provided.

Developing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
2-day workshop
This course will take attendees though the content of the FHWA’s How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, a comprehensive framework for state and local agencies to develop and implement a pedestrian safety action plan tailored to their specific conditions and needs. How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan will help state and local officials begin addressing their pedestrian safety issues in a systemic prioritized manner. It is also intended to assist agencies to enhance their existing pedestrian safety programs and activities - including identifying safety problems, analyzing information, and selecting optimal solutions.

3-Day Combined Workshop
The two workshops “Designing Streets for Pedestrian Safety” and “Developing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan” have been combined into a 3-day option.

Traffic Signal Operations for Pedestrian Safety
½ - day workshop
This course will describe the interaction of pedestrians within traffic signal operations. It will describe pedestrian safety issues at both signalized intersections and mid-block crossings. This course is intended for traffic signal engineers.

For more information contact:

Peter Eun
Olympia, WA
(360) 753-9551

Patrick Hasson
Team Manager
(708) 283-3595

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