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Photo of road showing cars driving next to a ditch on the shoulder of a road.

Caption: Photo of road showing cars driving next to a ditch on the shoulder of a road.

Over 43,000 fatalities and more than 2.6 million injuries occurred last year. While there are many causes of vehicle crashes, there are also ways of mitigating the dangers during the planning, design and construction process. One such method is the use of a Road Safety Audit (RSA). RSA's are formal safety performance examinations of existing or to-be-built roads and intersections by an independent multidisciplinary team.

The FHWA Resource Center's Safety and Design Technical Service Team (TST) assists transportation professionals with on-site RSA’s for high profile safety concerns. RSA’s promote road design that reduces the number and severity of crashes through consideration of planning, design, construction and all road users, (human factors). Additionally, RSA’s can reduce costs through the identification, improvement and by upgrading safety at any stage of a project.

An increasing number of State and local Transportation agencies are incorporating RSA’s into their efforts to enhance safety. The use of RSA’s has also helped to promote general awareness of safety design practices that incorporate Low Cost Safety Improvements. The RSA is a way for transportation agencies to improve safety and to communicate to the public how they are working toward crash reductions.

The procedures of the RSA process can be performed during any or all stages including resurfacing of a project. RSA's can be used on any size project. Road Safety Audits have the potential to reduce costs, liability, roadway departure, intersection, speed-related, pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities.

Transportation professionals seeking RSA training or assistance with a Road Safety Audit may contact the Resource Center Safety and Design TST.

Workshops, Seminars and Courses

Road Safety Audit Course (NHI course 380069)
Road Safety Audits for Local Officials Course
2-day workshops
These courses provide instruction on the performance of Road Safety Audits (RSA). Participants will learn how to improve transportation safety by applying a new proactive approach -- Road Safety Audits (RSA) and Road Safety Audit Review (RSAR), a technique which provides an examination of a future or existing roadway by an independent, qualified audit team.

The courses provide opportunities for hands-on application of the training materials, which include such topics as Road Safety Audit definition and history; evidence of why one should be concerned with about safety; stages of a road safety audit; details on how to conduct a road safety audit; easy-to-use-checklists; and legal considerations.

Who should attend?
These courses are geared toward Federal, State, and local transportation and law enforcement/public safety, personnel who are likely to serve on a Road Safety Audit team. Consultants who conduct highway safety studies also may attend.

For more information contact:
Craig Allred, Transportation Specialist
Lakewood, CO (720) 963-3236

Patrick Hasson
Team Manager
(708) 283-3595

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