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Subject: Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economic Fabrication (PCEF)
Minutes of February 5, 2007 Meeting
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Date: April 16, 2007

From: High Performance Structural Materials Engineer
Structures Technical Service Team
Resource Center -- Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland

To: PCEF Members
Mid-Atlantic States

Attached for your information is a copy of the attendance list and minutes from the subject meeting, held on February 5, 2007 at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Also attached are copies of the full PCEF membership address list and subcommittee membership lists for your review. Anyone wishing to add or delete names from any of the lists is asked to notify our office as soon as possible.

We wish to thank Mr. Luc Saroufim of the FHWA New Jersey Division Office, for his outstanding job of taking notes at the meeting and completing the minutes in a very timely manner. The materials are also posted on the link referenced in the minutes for the Central Atlantic Bridges Associates.

Those members without an Internet address who have an “**” next to their name will receive either a fax or hard copy mailing of the materials. All recipients of these materials are requested to make the information available within your offices to other non-Internet members on the PCEF list. Problems with receiving copies by fax or mail may be addressed to Ms. Noni Brown of our office (410-962-7965) or noni.brown@fhwa.dot.gov.

The attached minutes are supplemented as follows:

Agenda Item #VI – Materials & Construction QC/QA Subcommittee

Action Item: All of the PCEF membership is requested to review the SCC matrix, and to return comments to Messrs. Robert Horwhat or Paul Finnerty by May 21, 2007. Our goal is to ballot the matrix at the August PCEF meeting.

Agenda Item #VII – Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) Study

Action Item: State DOT representatives are still encouraged to visit the website https://www.pooledfund.org and to discuss with appropriate personnel within their Departments the possibility of participating in the proposed pooled fund study.

Attached again for the information of the membership are copies of brochures announcing two upcoming conferences related to high performance concrete: a) the “Concrete Technology Forum, with Focus on HPC,” to be held in Dallas, Texas on May 22nd to the 24th; and b) the “First International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology,” scheduled for September 19th to the 21st in Washington, D.C. Members are encouraged to register for attending either or both of these very worthwhile conferences.

We are scheduling the next PCEF meeting for Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at the Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT) main building, located at 800 Bay Road in Dover, Delaware. The meeting will be held in the Felton/Farmington Conference Room, just inside the front entrance. All visitors should be signed in by the receptionist at the front entrance. A list of hotels near the site, with rates, follows:

Best Western - Galaxy (close to DELDOT)
1700 E. Lebanon Road
Dover, DE
$76 + tax per night (government rate)
They will give the government rate to all attendees. They do not have suites.

Microtel Inn & Suites (close to DELDOT)
1703 E. Lebanon Road
Dover, DE
Standard room $95 + tax per night
Suite $89 + tax per night (reduced government rate)
There are only reduced government/corporate rates for suites. All attendees can get rate. The price for the suite is between $89 and $99.

Fairfield Inn
655 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE
Standard Room $76 (reduced goverment rate - normally $119)
Suite $76 (reduced government rate - normally $129)
There are a limited # of rooms available at a reduced rate.

Red Roof Inn
652 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE
Standard Room $67.49 (reduced goverment rate - normally $75)
Suite $110 (reduced government rate - normally $150)
Rate offered to all attendees.

For those unable to travel to the meeting site, DELDOT has offered to provide webconferencing. They have a service that will provide teleconference capabilities combined with web presentations. Mr. Barry Benton of DELDOT will be the contact person to arrange all details of this setup. We appreciate very much his efforts in making these arrangements for the meeting.

The membership is requested to please notify our office as soon as possible as to who will be planning to attend the meeting at the DELDOT site, and who will be requesting a web-conferencing hook-up.

Once again, we thank the membership and their management for the support of this Committee’s activities. Please feel free to submit agenda items for the next meeting by July 15, 2007.

Original signed by,

Louis N. Triandafilou, P.E.

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