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SCEF Full Meeting in Atlantic City

February 6, 2007, Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
Only the part regarding Traffic Structures is presented herein.

1. Introductions
The meeting was led by Lou Triandafilou of FHWA Resource center. Attendees were from PennDOT, MDDOT/SHA, NJDOT, DelDOT, VDOT, WVDOT, DCDOT, FHWA NJ Office & PA Office, TRB-AFF10(1), High Steel, Consultant KTA, and so on.

2. Ronnie Medlock, Chair of TRB/AFF10(1), introduced the new TRB Traffic Structures Subcommittee regarding its scope, members/friends list, research updates/activities, research needs, and TRB/AFF10(1) – SCEF liaison (Hannah Cheng, NJDOT).
- He also briefly introduced the research presentations at January TRB annual meeting in DC. Current research projects were introduced, such as pooled fund study at U. of Texas, Austin, and NCHRP project 10-70 at Lehigh U.
- Backing bar detail at pole base was discussed. This included base plate thickness, backup sealing, base plate opening size, bolts circle, pedestal level, ect. Communicate with fabricators is needed regarding welding and galvanization issues.
- Inspection issue: WVDOT just started sign structure inspection every 5 years. VADOT inspected sign structure every 5 years. (See Attachment 1 SCEF meeting at PennDOT for other states.)

3. Presentation on Virginia DOT High Mast Lighting Interim Inspection Report – by Bill Via, VDOT
- Weathering steel material
- Corrosion failure at backing bar location (NJDOT has the same problem)
- Cracking at slip joint

4. Standardization of Design/Fabrication of Overhead Sign Supports Subcommittee Report – by Brandon Motuk, PennDOT
- PennDOT aluminum lighting pole failure brought a discussion on construction practice for high strength bolt nuts tightening/retightening requirements
- See SCEF meeting #5 notes (2/1/2007 SCEF meeting at PennDOT)

5. Others:
- AASHTO/NSBA Collaboration meetings on May 8-9, 2007 in New Brunswick, NJ
- NSBA Annual Workshop on May 10, 2007 at Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
- Next SCEF web-meeting on August 27, 2007

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