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Subject: Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economic Fabrication (PCEF)
Minutes of February 6, 2006 Meeting
Norfolk, Virginia
Date: March 30, 2006
From: High Performance Structural Materials Engineer
Resource Center—Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland Reply to
Attn. of: RC-BAL

To: Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economic Fabrication
PCEF Members
Mid-Atlantic States

Attached for your information is a copy of the attendance list and minutes from the subject meeting, held on February 6, 2006, at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel, Norfolk, Virginia. Also attached are copies of the full PCEF membership address list and subcommittee membership lists for your review. Anyone wishing to add or delete names from any of the lists is asked to notify our office as soon as possible.

We wish to thank Mr. Charles Pettie of the Virginia Department of Transportation for his outstanding job of taking notes at the meeting and completing the minutes in a very timely manner. Minutes, lists and all other attachments referenced in the minutes will be available for viewing in the near future at the new Central Atlantic Bridge Associates website. We thank Mr. Hank Bonstedt of the Prestressed Concrete Association of Pennsylvania for setting up this site for Committee use. Questions about accessing the site may be referred directly to Mr. Bonstedt at (610) 395-2338, or at bonstedt@pcap.org.

Those members without an Internet address who have an “**” next to their name will receive either a fax or hard copy mailing of the materials. All recipients of these materials are requested to make the information available as soon as possible to other non-Internet members on the PCEF list.

If there are any problems with accessing the documents at the FTP site, please contact Mr. Robert Amar-atsen of our office (410-962-0037 or Robert.amar-atsen@fhwa.dot.gov). Problems with receiving copies by fax or mail may be addressed to Mr. Melvin Harris of our office (410-962-2773 or Melvin.harris@fhwa.dot.gov).

We ask that all members review the minutes and, in particular, the highlighted material in bold letters. At this time it is anticipated that some items from the Materials & QC/QA Subcommittee will be ready for balloting at our next meeting in August. Updates from the States will be requested on their use of high performance concrete and self-consolidating concrete, and their implementation of projects using the PCEF bulb-T shapes. We will also be soliciting a presentation related to a high performance concrete and/or PCEF bulb-T beam project.

General Items

We are setting the date for our next meeting to be Tuesday, August 29th. Directions to the Maryland State Highway Administration’s District 7 Office for the meeting in Buckeystown are attached. Any questions about location may be directed to Ms. Susan Hose at (301) 624-8104.

Two possible hotels for lodging are located in the same general vicinity of the District Office. One is the Hampton Inn, located a few blocks away on the same road. Reservations may be made at (301) 698-2500, for a limited number of single rooms at a special Federal government rate of $78 plus tax. Standard Federal government rate is $94 plus tax, and the non-Federal rate is $119 plus tax. Another lodging possibility is the relatively new Comfort Inn, located at 7300 Executive Way, for a flat rate of $78 plus tax. It may be accessed after taking Exit 31B off of I-270, then traveling about a half mile (hotel on the left side of the road). Reservations may be made there at (301) 668-7272.

Once again, we thank the membership and their management for the support of this Committee’s activities. Please feel free to submit agenda items for the next meeting by July 15, 2006.

Original signed by,


Louis N. Triandafilou, P.E.


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