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March 2006


Mr. Greg Black Shockey Bros., Inc.
Phone No. 540-665-3209 P. O. Box 2530
Fax No. 540-665-3272 Winchester, VA 22604
E-Mail: gblack@shockeyprecast.com

Mr. Paul G. Finnerty, Co-Chairman Materials & Technology
Phone No. 410-321-4111 or MD State Highway Administration
800-637-1290 2323 West Joppa Road
Fax No. 410-321-3099 Brooklandville, MD 21022
E-Mail: pfinnerty@sha.state.md.us

Mr. Robert Horwhat, P.E., Co-Chairman Chief,Structural Materials Engineer
Phone No. 717-787-1950 Materials & Testing Division
Fax No. 717-705-5750 PennDOT, Room 206
E-Mail: rhorwhat@state.pa.us 1118 State Street
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2926

Richard Hanlon KTA-TATOR, Inc.
Phone No. 304 345-6330 501 Eagle Mountain Rd.
Fax No. 304 345-6338 Charleston, WV 25311

Andrew J. Pennoni Vice President
Phone No. 610-277-2402 Pennoni Associates Inc.
Fax No. 610- 277-7449 3602 Horizon Drive, Suite 160
E-Mail: apennoni@pennoni.com King of Prussia, PA 19406

Troy Jenkins Schuylkill Products, Inc.
Phone No. 570-385-3240 x141 121-A River Street
Fax No. 570-385-2800 Cressona, PA 17929
E-Mail: tmjenkins@spibeams.com

Mr. R. Allan Derr, P.E. Roaring Spring Newcrete
Phone No. 814-224-2121 Division of New Enterprise
Fax No. 814-224-6809 P. O. Box 34
E-Mail: aderr@nesl.com Roaring Spring, PA 16674

Mr. Mike Mance, P.E. WVDOT-DOH
Phone No. 304-558-3160 Materials Control Division
Fax No. 304-558-0230 190 Dry Branch Road
E-Mail: mmance@dot.state.wv.us Charleston, WV 25306

Mr. James T. Pappas III DELDOT, Materials & Research
Phone No. 302-760-2385 P.O. Box 778
Fax No. 302-739-5270 Dover, DE 19903
E-Mail: james.pappas@state.de.us



Mr. Sammy Searls WVDOT-DOH
Phone No. 304-558-3030 Materials Control Division
Fax No. 304-558-0253 190 Dry Branch Road
E-Mail: sjsearls@dot.state.wv.us Charleston, WV 25306


Mr. Robert K. Burk, P.E. Project Manager
Phone No. 717-730-7483 Site-Blauvelt Engineer
Fax No. 717-730-4558 645 N. 12th Street, Suite 200
E-Mail: robertkb@Site-Blauvelt.com Lemoyne, PA 17043

Mr. Mark Hoover, P.E. Schuylkill Products Inc.
Phone No. 570-385-2352 121 River Street
Fax No. 570-385-2800 Cressona, PA 17122
E-Mail: mhoover@spibeams.com

Mr. Paul Ingram, P.E. PennDOT- MTD
Phone No. 724-357-2960 P.O. Box 2926
Fax No. 724-357-7613 Harrisburg, PA 17105-2926
E-Mail: paingram@state.pa.us

Mr. Kwabena Ofori-Awuah, P.E. Chief Geotechnical Engineer
Phone No. 410-316-7919 KCI Technologies, Inc.
Fax No. 410-316-7935 Hunt Valley, MD 21030
E-Mail: kofori-awuah@kci.com


Mr. Charles E. Pettie, P.E. VDOT - Structure and Bridge Div.
Phone No. 804-786-2633 1401 East Broad Street
Fax No. 804-786-2988 Richmond, VA 23219-1939
E-Mail: Charles.Pettie@VDOT.Virginia.gov

Mr. Joseph C. Roche Prestress Services, Inc.
Phone No. 859-299-0461 P.O. Box 55436
Fax No. 859-299-0147 Lexington, KY 40555-5436
E-Mail: roche@prestressservices.com

Mr. Mathew C. Royce, P.E. NYDOT, Structures Division
Phone No. 518-457-4534 1220 Washington Avenue
Fax No. 518-457-6010 State Campus, Bldg 5, 6th Floor
E-Mail: mroyce@dot.state.ny.us Albany, NY 12232


Mr. Hank Bonstedt Prestressed Concrete Assoc. of PA
Chairman 1042 N. 38th Street
Phone No. 610-395-2338 Allentown, PA 18104
Fax No. 610-395-8478
E-Mail: bonstedt@pcap.org

Mr. Mark Hoover, P.E. Schuylkill Products, Inc.
Phone No. 570-385-2352 121 River Street
Fax No. 570-385-2800 Cressona, PA 17043
Email: mhoover@spibeams.com


Mr. Chad Saunders Bayshore Concrete Products
Phone No. 757-331-2300 P.O. Box 230
Fax No. 757-331-2501 Cape Charles, VA 23310
Email: csaunders@bcpcorp.com


Mr. Louis N. Triandafilou High Performance Structural
Phone No. 410-962-3648 Materials Specialist
Fax No. 410-962-4586 City Crescent Building
E-Mail: lou.triandafilou@fhwa.dot.gov 10 South Howard Street
FHWA – RC - Suite 4000
Baltimore, MD 21201

Mr. William Via, Jr. Virginia DOT Materials Division
Phone No. 804-328-3160 1401 E. Broad Street
Fax No. 804-328-3136 Richmond, VA 23219
Email: WF.via@VDOT.Virginia.gov


Mr. William E. Williams Division Structural Engineer
Phone No. 717-221-4542 FHWA
Fax No. 717-221-3494 228 Walnut Street, Room 536
william.williams@fhwa.dot.gov Harrisburg, PA 17101-1720



Ms. Hala Elgaaly FHWA - EFLH Division
Phone No. 703-404-6233 21400 Ridgetop Circle
Fax No. 703-404-6234 Sterling, VA 20166
E-Mail: hala.elgaaly@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. Rex Gilley Structural Engineer
Phone No. 757-466-9614 Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.
Fax No. 757-466-1493 6161 Kempsville Circle, Suite 110
E-mail: gilley@pbworld.com Norfolk, VA 23502

Mr. Troy Jenkins Schuylkill Products, Inc.
Phone No. 570-385-2352
Fax No. 570-385-2800 121-A River Street
E-Mail: tmjenkins@spibeams.com Cressona, PA 17929

Mr. Muhammed Khalid DCDPW - 5th Floor
Phone No. 202-939-8073 D&E Division
Fax No. 202-939-8768 2000, 14 Street, NW
E-Mail: muhammed.khalid@dc.gov Washington, D.C. 20009

Mr. Claude Napier, Jr., Co-chairperson Bridge Engineer
Phone No. 804-775-3363 FHWA - VA Division
Fax No. 804-775-3356 P.O. Box 10249
E-Mail: claude.napier@fhwa.dot.gov 400 North 8th Street, Room 750
Richmond, VA 23240

Mr. Joe Navarra MDSHA
Phone No. 410 545-8315 Office of Bridge Development
Fax No. 410 209- 5002 707 North Calvert Street
E-Mail: jnavarra@sha.state.md.us Baltimore, MD 21202

Mr. Jiten K. Soneji DelDOT
Phone No. 302 760-2399 State Bridge Engineer
Fax No. 302 739-2217 P. O. Box 778
E-Mail: jiten.soneji@state.de.us Dover, DE 19701

Mr. Bryan Spangler PennDot, Bureau of Design
Phone No. 717 783-5347 Bridge Division, 7th Floor
Fax No. 717 787-2882 400 North Street
E-Mail: brspangler@state.pa.us Harrisburg, PA 17120

Mr. Joseph R. Tucker, P.E. Senior Structural Engineer
Phone No. 740 374-2396 Lock One, Inc.
Fax No. 740 374-5153 326 Third Street
E-Mail: jrt@lock1.com Marietta, OH 45750

Mr. Reid Castrodale, P.E. Ralph Whitehead, Assoc., Inc.
Phone No. 704-372-1885 1000 W. Morehead Str., Suite 200
E-Mail: reidcastrodale@rwhitehead.com Charlotte, NC 28208

Page 2 – PCEF Design Parameters/Standardization Subcommittee (09/05)


Mr. John H. Martin, Jr. Structure and Bridge, VDOT
Co-Chairperson 1401 E. Broad Street
Phone No. 804-786-2632 Richmond, VA 23219
Fax No. 804-786-2988
E-Mail: John.Martin@VDOT.Virginia.gov

Mr. Chad Saunders Bayshore Concrete
Phone No. 757-331-2300 P. O. Box 230
Fax No. 757-331-2501 Cape Charles, VA 23310
E-Mail: csaunders@bcpcorp.com

Mr. Serge G. Ter-Arakelov, P.E. Structural Materials Engineer
Phone No. 717 783-1180 MTD Construction Bureau
Fax No. 717 705-5750 PennDOT
E-Mail: sterarakel@state.pa.us 1718 State Street
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2926

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