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Prestressed Concrete Committee for
June 25, 2002

Economic Fabrication (PCEF)

Minutes of April 4, 2002 Meeting


Baltimore, Maryland


PCEF Committee Members


Attached for your information is a copy of the attendance list and minutes for the subject meeting, held on April 4, 2002 at the Clarion Hotel in West Atlantic City, New Jersey. Also attached are copies of the updated full committee and subcommittee membership lists. Individuals wishing to have their name removed from any of the lists are asked to notify our office as soon as possible.

We wish to thank Mr. Jose Lopez of the New Jersey Department of Transportation for his outstanding job of taking and completing the minutes, and for transmitting them to our office within a week after the meeting. We also thank him for distributing hard copies of the minutes and attachments to appropriate individuals. Hard copies will be mailed to appropriate individuals with a ** designation who do not have an electronic mailing address. Individuals receiving the materials either by hard copy or electronically are asked to distribute them in a timely manner to others in their office on the mailing list.

Our appreciation is also extended to the Subcommittee chairmen, to the presenters, and to all attendees for their active participation in the meeting. Continued status reports will be requested from each chairman at the next meeting.

The attached minutes are supplemented as follows:


Based on the lack of a volunteer to chair this subcommittee, and on the discussion at the last meeting, we believe it is in the best interest of the PCEF to combine this group with the Materials and QC/QA Subcommittee. Per the meeting minutes, future items for standardization to be addressed by the combined subcommittee include: inspection criteria, and beam handling, storage and erection issues.

Materials and QC/QA

Per the meeting minutes, an updated ballot will be distributed to appropriate State DOT contact personnel for formal voting later this summer. Also attached to this transmittal is a copy of the minutes from this subcommittees May 29th meeting, outlining discussions on finalizing the Materials Guide Specification, future development of a QC/QA Guide Specification, and various new business items.


The newly adopted standard drawings for steel intermediate diaphragms and for diaphragm layout will be combined with the PCEF Bulb-T shapes into a PCEF Standards Book in the future.

Design Parameters

Based on the lack of a volunteer to chair this subcommittee, and on the discussion at the last meeting, we believe it is in the best interest of the PCEF to combine this group with the Standardization Subcommittee. According to discussions at previous meetings, there are at least a half dozen issues that can be addressed by the combined subcommittee towards region-wide uniformity.

Next Meeting

We have tentatively set the next meeting for Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 1:00 PM, at the Holiday Inn in Charleston, West Virginia. This would come immediately after the annual Mid-Atlantic States Quality Assurance Workshop, to be held at the same location. In the interim, our two working subcommittees are requested to convene in order to advance their respective issues for meaningful discussion at the next full PCEF meeting.

Once again, we thank the membership and their management for the support of this Committees activities. Please feel free to submit any agenda topics to our office by January 1, 2003.

Original signed by,



Attachments Louis N. Triandafilou

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