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Next PCEF Meeting - June 6, 2001
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Attached is a copy of the agenda for the subject meetings, both of which are to be held on
Wednesday June 6, 2001, in conjunction with the 18th annual International Bridge
Conference (IBC) in Pittsburgh. The meeting will convene at 1:30 p.m. in the first floor Allegany
Room at the Hilton Pittsburgh and Towers, Gateway Center. Please note that the starting time should
coincide with the lunch schedule for that day, and that the schedule is based on the majority
preference received from responses to our solicitation.

Single room rate is $152.00 plus tax at the main hotel and $182.00 plus tax in the Towers. Toll free
number for the hotel is 800-321-3232, local number is 412-391-4600. Registration forms with special
PCEF attendee rates were previously distributed to the membership. Alternative choices for lodging
are the Hampton University Center (412-681-1000) and the Hampton Inn (412-922-0100), both being
within the maximum Federal lodging rate of $79.00.

Continuing the practice initiated last year, the West Virginia Department of Transportation has
volunteered to take notes at the meeting and to distribute the information afterwards with attachments.
We appreciate very much their willingness to share this new responsibility. All PCEF members with an
Internet address will receive these materials electronically. Hard copies will not be mailed to these
individuals. Those members without an Internet address who have an '**' next to their name will receive
a fax of the materials, and are requested to make the information available as soon as possible to
other non-Internet members on the PCEF list.

If there are any problems with receiving the documents either electronically or by fax, please notify
Ms. Marsha Simmons at (410) 962-2773, or Ms. Terri Golder-Moody at (410) 962-1890.

Members are requested to review the Subcommittee listings and consider representation by their
state or company as appropriate.

Following is a supplement to the referenced agenda items:

- Materials & QC/QA Subcommittee

Each State DOT is requested to designate a representative to vote on approval of the Specification
Guidelines that were distributed and discussed at the October meeting in Dover, DE.

- Standardization Subcommittee

Each State DOT is requested to designate a representative to vote for ballot approval of steel
diaphragm details and diaphragm spacing guidelines which have been distributed and discussed at
the past few meetings.

An overhead projector, slide projector and flip chart can be made available by the Conference
organizers. Speakers anticipating making an electronic presentation will be required to supply their
own laptop equipment. A projector cabled for McIntosh and IBM laptops will be available for their
use. These speakers are asked to provide us with a CD of their presentation, while all speakers are
asked to provide paper copies of their talks. All speakers are asked to notify us as soon as
possible of their equipment needs.

We look forward to another successful turnout and to the active participation of all attendees at both

Louis N. Triandafilou


June 6, 2001, Agenda
Mid-Atlantic States PCEF - 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Hilton Pittsburgh and Towers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
face=Arial>Allegany Room - 1st Floor

  • Introductions by 1:30 p.m.
  • Approval of Minutes from October 26, 2000 Meeting in Dover, DE
  • Presentation on Diagonal Cracking in P/S Concrete Box Beams - Matthew Royce - New York State
  • DOT Subcommittee Status Reports by Chairmen
- Production/Construction
- Materials & QC/QA
  • Presentation on Past, Present and Future Developments in spliced Concrete Girders - Reid Castrodale, Ralph Whitehead, Inc.
  • Review of PCEF Recommendation #2 - Corrosion Protection using Calcium Nitrite
  • 15 Minute Break
  • Presentation on Delayed Ettringite Formation - Dr. Richard Livingston - FHWA Subcommittee Status Reports by Chairmen
- Design parameters
- Standardization
  • Status Report by Each State DOT on Implementation of PCEF Bulb-T Shapes
  • Status Report by Each State DOT on Implementation of High Performance Concrete
  • Other Issues
  • Adjourn by 5:30 P.M. - Set Next Meeting Date
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