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Economic Fabrication April 2-3, 2002
West Atlantic City, NJ

Attached are copies of the agendas for the subject meetings, which are to be held on April 2-3, 2002 at the Clarion Hotel, 8029 Black Horse Pike, West Atlantic City, NJ. A block of rooms has been reserved under the name "FHWA Meeting" for the single room rate of $59 per night plus 6% tax. This rate will be honored until March 18, 2002. Attendees are requested to make their own reservations by calling the hotel at 1-888-570-0100 or 609-641-3546.

In continuing SCEF's alignment with the AASHTO/National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) Steel Bridge Collaboration (SBC), attendees to each meeting are asked to complete, and bring with them to the meetings, the attached questionnaire on status of implementation of documents developed by this national group. We are particularly interested in feedback from the State DOTs, therefore, please coordinate responses with appropriate individuals within the various sections of the Department. We also welcome comments on all the documents from non-State DOT individuals/organizations as well. Copies of these standards are available.

Item #12 on the full SCEF meeting agenda is also related to efforts underway by the SBC. Through Task Group 3, Regional Quality Groups, we are attempting to compile examples where a State DOT and Fabricator have worked together during a project to resolve problems or differences of opinion that have surfaced in the shop. Therefore, we are asking each State DOT and Fabricator representative to the meeting to come prepared to present such examples. These will then be presented at the next SBC meeting in April, and on a continuing basis at future meetings.

Attendees to the Structural Coatings Subcommittee meeting on April 4th are requested to review the existing SCEF specification for Inorganic Zinc-rich paint, in order to be prepared to discuss whether it should be superseded by the proposed Collaboration document. That document may also be found at the above website.

As we had discussed and requested at the last meeting, we look forward to each Subcommittee Chairman reporting on their evaluation of current SCEF standards pertaining to their respective groups. Revisions should either be made in order to update the standards, or they should be recommended for deletion. Each Chairman should be prepared to present a plan of action for any proposed revisions, and how the revisions will be reflected in LRFD format, as applicable.

Regarding the reports on Large Movement Expansion Joints and Bolted Field Splices, we ask that each State be represented at the meeting in order to vote on the approval of these documents. An updated version of the first specification will be sent to appropriate State DOT individuals in advance of the meeting, while a copy of the bolted splice drawings are attached to this notice.

All SCEF members with an Internet address will receive these materials electronically. Hard copies will not be mailed to these individuals. Those members without an Internet address who have an '**' next to their name will receive a fax of the materials, and are requested to make the information available as soon as possible to other non-Internet members on the SCEF list.

If there are any problems with receiving the documents either electronically or by fax, please notify Ms. Marlene Eichner at (410) 962-1890, or Ms. Susie Taylor at (410) 962-0093.

Members are requested to review the Subcommittee listings and consider representation by their state or company as appropriate.

An overhead projector can be made available if needed by the presenters. Speakers anticipating making an electronic presentation are requested to send us a CD of their presentation in advance of the meeting, and we will load it onto a laptop for their use. All speakers are asked to provide paper copies of their talks, and are asked to notify us as soon as possible of their equipment needs.

We look forward to another successful turnout and to the active participation of all attendees at both meetings.

Original signed by,


Louis N. Triandafilou

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