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Structures Team

We are pleased to offer our services and provide you with the latest in bridge information and technology.

Here you will find important information about FHWA Structures initiatives along with who to contact for training and assistance.

Listed below are the Resource Center Structure experts. Please email or call the specialist nearest you.

Technical Director

Thomas Drda
Acting Technical Director, Geotechnical and Hydraulics Engineering and Structures Teams

Structures Team Members
Team MembersSpecialty Area(s)
Jamal Elkaissi, P.E.
Structural Engineer
Accelerated Construction & Construction Inspection
Fiber Reinforced Polymers Technologies
Post-Tensioning and Grouting
Segmental Construction
Spliced Girder Bridges (Straight and Curved Girders)
Jeffrey Ger, Ph.D., P.E.
Sr. Structural Engineer
Accelerated Construction
Bridge Construction QC/QA
Bridge Rehabilitation and Retrofit
Seismic Design and Evaluation
Structural Design
Justin Ocel
Team Leader/Sr. Structural Engineer
Steel Bridge Design
Fatigue and Fracture
Structural Bolting
Structural Welding
Failure Forensics
Ultra-High Performance Concrete Applications
Larry O'Donnell, P.E.
Sr. Structural Engineer
Bridge Asset and Performance Management
Bridge Inspection (NBIS, NBI)
Cable Stayed Bridges
Non Destructive Testing & Steel Protective Coatings Inspections
Segmental Construction
Rodolfo Maruri
Structural Engineer
Bridge & Tunnel Inspection (NBIS & NTIS)
Segmental Construction
Tunnel Operations and Maintenance
Major Projects (Construction, Inspection)
Tod Kimball
Sr. Structural Engineer
Bridge Inspection (NBIS, NBI)
Bridge Maintenance & Preservation
Federal-aid Bridge Program Administration
Bridge Projects (Construction, Inspection)
Tom Saad, P.E.
Sr. Structural Engineer
Bridge Design and Analysis Specifications
Bridge Load Rating and Posting Process and Procedures
Complex Structures
Structural Program & Process Reviews
Waider Wong, P.E.
Sr. Structural Engineer
Bridge Railing/MASH Implementation
Bridge Safety, Security & Resiliency
Fiber Reinforced Polymers Technologies
Refined Analysis/Complex 3D Modeling & Crash Simulations
Structural Design/Long Span Bridges Redundancy


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