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Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economic Fabrication (PCEF)

Date: January 12, 2007


U.S. Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration Resource Center

Subject: Next SCEF Meeting
February 6, 2007
Atlantic City, New Jersey

From: High Performance Structural Materials Engineer
Structures Technical Service Team
Resource Center -- Baltimore, Maryland Reply to
Attn. of: HRC-BALT

To: Structural Committee for Economic Fabrication (SCEF) Members
Mid-Atlantic States

Attached is a copy of the agenda for the subject meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, February 6, 2007, from 8 am - 12 pm at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This will precede the annual Mid-Atlantic States Quality Assurance (QA) Workshop, which will be held at the same hotel from 1:00 pm February 6th to noon on the 8th. It is highly recommended that participants at the SCEF meeting also attend the QA Workshop. Please note that registration is not required for the SCEF meeting, however, it is required for the QA Workshop. Attendees are asked to check the website www.midatlanticqaw.com for details about the Tropicana Hotel and the QA Workshop. When registering with the hotel, please use the code “HNJDOT7” in order to receive the conference room rate.

Members with an Internet address will receive these materials electronically. Hard copies will not be mailed to these individuals. Members without an Internet address who have an ‘**’ next to their name will receive a fax of the materials. All recipients of these materials are requested to make the information available as soon as possible to other non-Internet members in their State or Company.

Per previous meeting action items, all States who have not yet returned ballot items for the flux-cored arc regional welding program are asked to bring them to the meeting for discussion (current agenda item #7). Also as follow-up, Expansion Joint subcommittee members are asked to be prepared to provide final comments on drawing details (current agenda item #8).

All subcommittee chairmen are asked to convene their groups prior to the meeting in order to resolve any necessary issues that require reporting to the full membership.

We look forward to another successful turnout and to the active participation of all members at the meeting. Questions or suggestions for additional agenda items may be referred to lou.triandafilou@fhwa.dot.gov or (410) 962-3648.

Original signed by,

Louis N. Triandafilou, P.E.


February 6, 2007 SCEF Meeting Agenda
Tropicana Hotel, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Atlantic City, New Jersey

1. Introductions at 8:00 am

2. Approval of Minutes from August 30, 2006 Meeting

3. Update on AISC Component Certification Program -- Lou Triandafilou, FHWA Resource Center - Baltimore

4. Structural Coatings Subcommittee Report --
Bruce Nelson, MDSHA

5. Presentation on Virginia DOT High Mast Lighting Interim Inspection Report by Bill Via -- VDOT

6. Standardization of Design/Fabrication of Overhead Sign Supports Subcommittee Report --
Brandon Motuk - PennDOT

7. Comments on SCEF Regional Welder Certification Program -- Robert Wiswesser, American Welding Society

8. Expansion Joint Subcommittee Report --
Marv Blimline, MDSHA

9. Presentation on Computerized Radiography by Stephen Mazur, Eastman Kodak Company

10. Design Detailing Subcommittee Report --
Ahmed Mongi, WVDOH

11. Presentation on Paperless Project Delivery by Scott Krause and Ronnie Medlock -- High Steel Structures, Inc.

12. Status of Standard Diaphragm Details for Curved Girder Bridges -- Tom Macioce, PennDOT and Charles Pettie, VDOT

13. Other Issues and Adjourn by 12:00 pm

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