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Structural Committee for Economic Fabrication (SCEF)

HPS Program Update
Bill Wright

1A Optimized Welding Processes

• A project is underway to investigate the fatigue performance of hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) for orthotropic rib to deck welds. The process has the potential to produce full penetration welds from one side with reduced distortion and higher productivity.
• Test specimens are currently under fabrication at High Steel Structures and Precision Light Systems in Maine.
• Fatigue testing is set to begin by the end of June at TFHRC
• If the research is successful, The Delaware River Port Authority is considering use of the HLAW process to fabricate a replacement deck for the Walt Whitman Bridge in 2009.

1B Corrosion Resistant Steel

• Develop a new HPS grade with significantly superior corrosion performance compared to A588 and HPS70W
• Three projects are currently underway:
• 1) Mittal Steel – laboratory trials of a low cost version of A1010 Duracor
• 2) Lehigh U. – laboratory trials of a Ni-Cu grade
• 3) Northwestern U. – optimization of A588 weathering steel chemistry
• It is anticipated that there will be sufficient data to select the optimum grade for commercialization by the end of 2008.

2A Performance of Weathering Steel
• Project underway to study the effect of bridge height over salted roadways on the NY State Thruway (Gallagher)

2C One coat shop paint system
• Laboratory testing is nearing completion for evaluation of candidate coating systems.
• Field exposure tests and final report to be finished by the end of 2008

2D 100 year paint system
• Work is beginning to define the testing program
• Bob Kogler under contract to consult

3A Modular Bridge Concepts
• Preliminary discussions held to organize a work shop to define systems to study

3B Rapid Construction Integrated Abutment Bridge
• Ohio has an IBRD project to construct a 130’ simple span steel bridge.
• Steel superstructure details being developed currently (Adams, Wright, Defiance Co, OH)
• Bridge construction late 2008 – early 2009
• Field Instrumentation being planned

3C Vasant

3D Modern fracture control and inspection criteria
• Two projects underway at Purdue (Connor)
• 1) Develop improved fracture critical toughness requirements for HPS
• 2) Develop rational fracture critical inspection intervals based on bridge condition and traffic loading.
• Projects close to finished but final results have been delayed by request of Everett considering the aftermath of I35W

4A Measurement of Shop Components
• We assisted Dr Fuchs in his NCHRP project to perform a feasibility study of using 3D laser measurement technology.
• A trial measurement study was performed at High Steel (Also NCHRP)
• The start of the FHWA study has been intentionally delayed since there is some current interest by fabricators in the technology without further R&D. Depending on circumstances, this project may not be needed. A decision will be needed sometime in 2008.

4B Multiple shop automation projects
• No R&D projects yet.
• HLAW welding is a potential candidate
• Induction welding (for beam fabrication) is another possibility
• HQ may have projects in this area (Krishna’s building information project?)

4C Software for Steel Erection
• An NCHRP project has been initiated on this topic.
• The FHWA project has been cancelled


6A Gusset Plate Study
• Urgent need from AASHTO and FHWA to provide improved guidance for evaluation and rating of gusset plates in major truss bridges.
• This project has been tentatively allocated $500k of FHWA HPS program money and $500k of state contributions (NCHRP or pool fund)
• FHWA to lead the project at TFHRC
• Large Scale experiment to be conducted at TFHRC
• Analytical study to be contracted out by TFHRC
• Detailed work plan currently under development (due mid June 08)

6B Infrastructure Durability Lab
• Goal is to construct a bridge deck testing facility for applying wheel loads and environmental stress simultaneously on bridge decks
• $400k of HPS funds approved by Myint
• $400k of HPC funds originally approved have been rescinded.
• Status of project is currently uncertain

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