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Structural Committee for Economic Fabrication (SCEF)

SCEF-8 Subcommittee for Structural Coatings
Current Membership

Mr. Frank Adragna
Phone No. 724-378-3900
Fax No. 724-378-3940
E-Mail: f_adragna@ndtg.net

Mr. Harry Arnold
Phone No. 610-489-4900
Fax No. 610-489-8649

Ms. Pamela Barton (Penny)
Phone No. 304-558-5999
Fax No. 304-558-0253
E-Mail: pbarton@dot.state.wv.us

Mr. Greg Bradford
Phone No. 304-558-3014
Fax No. 304-558-0253
E-Mail: gbradford@dot.state.wv.us

Mr. Rick Brown
Phone No. 410-379-0016
Fax No. 410-379-0016
E-Mail: rickbi@erols.com

Ms. Helene Bowman
Phone No. 609-637-4230
Fax No. 609-538-4913
E-Mail: helene.bowman@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. Tom Calzone
Phone No. 800-848-4645
Fax No. 314-644-3353
E-Mail: tom_calzone@carboline.com

Mr. Bill Carrow
Phone No. 302-998-0537
Fax No. 302-998-1627

Ms. Shuang-Ling Chong
Phone No. 202-493-3081
Fax No. 202-493-3086
E-Mail: shuang-ling.chong@fhwa.dot.gov

Ms. Sandy Compton
Phone No. 804-938-0726
Fax No. 443-222-0454
E-Mail: scompton@indgalv.com

Mr. Jamie Connor
Phone No. 952-361-2439
Fax No. 952-448-7000
E-Mail: jconnor@dsbrown.com

Mr. Michael Damiano
Phone No. 412-281-2331, x203
Fax No. 412-281-9992
E-Mail: damiano@sspc.org

Mr. Jim Dworchak
Phone No. 215-489-1790
Pager No. 610-733-4788 E-Mail:

Ms. Wendy Ealding
Phone No. 804-328-3121
Fax No. 804-328-3136
E-Mail: wendy.ealding@virginiaDOT.org

Ms. Conjit (Connie) Eskender
Phone No. 202-671-2368
Fax No. 202-671-0655
E-Mail: konjit.eskender@dc.gov

Mr. Chris Farschon
Phone No. 609-399-2417
Fax No. 609-399-5233
E-Mail: cfarschon@corrpro.com

Mr. Wayne Fleming
Phone No. 804-328-3126
Fax No. 804-328-3136
E-Mail: CW.Fleming@VirginiaDOT.org

Mr. Gregg Weaver
Phone No. 717-249-8342, Ext. 101
Fax No. 717-249-4991
E-Mail: lane1244@pa.net

Mr. Richard D. Geyer
Phone No. 703-361-5885
Fax No. 703-361-8562
E-Mail: rgeyer@williamsbridge.com

Mr. Dan Griffin
Phone No. 713-684-1289 or 800-525-6824
Fax No. 713-684-1511 or 1327
E-Mail: dan.griffin@uk.akzonobel.com

Mr. Vic Hagerstrom
Phone No. 717-397-4297
Fax No. 717-397-4298
E-Mail: victor.hagerstrom@verizon.net

Mr. Matthew Hake, P.E.
Phone No. 302-734-1657
Fax No. 302-734-3066
E-Mail: matthew.hake@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. Richard Hanlon Co-Chairman
Phone No. 304-345-6330
Fax No. 304-345-6338
E-Mail: rhanlon@kta.com

Mr. Richard L. Heist, Jr., President
Phone No. 540-785-3400
Fax No. 540-785-3633
E-Mail: inspectionenterprise@aol.com

Mr. Lew Hund
Phone No. 410-871-1060
Fax No. 410-871-1060
E-Mail: LHUND@msn.com

Ms. LaShawn Johnson
Phone No. 314-644-1000, Ext. 24510
Fax No. 314-644-4617
E-Mail: shawnjstl@aol.com

Mr. Richard N. Johnson
Phone No. 703-361-5885
Fax No. 703-361-8562
E-Mail: wbcsalesrj@aol.com

Mr. Ed Kaliss
Phone No. 610-344-2668
Fax No.

Mr. Shameem A. Khan
Phone No. 410-545-8421
Fax No. 410-209-5047
E-Mail: skhan@sha.state.md.us

Mr. Eric S. Kline
Phone No. 412-788-1300, Ext. 206
Fax No. 412-788-1306
E-Mail: ekline@kta.com

Mr. Robert Kogler
Phone No. 202-493-3080
Fax No. 202-493-3086
E-Mail: bob.kogler@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. Tom Krehnbrink, Jr.
Phone No. 410-947-6300
Fax No. 410-947-6300
E-Mail: lastingpaints@aol.com

Mr. Winson. King
Phone No. 717-783-6716
Fax No. 717-783-5955
E-Mail: wiking@state.pa.us

Mr. David H. Kuniega
Phone No. 717-787-3966
Fax No. 717-783-5955
E-Mail: dkuniega@hotmail.com

Mr. Jose A. Lopez
Phone No. 609-530-2457
Fax No. 609-530-5777
E-Mail: jose.lopez@dot.state.nj.us

Mr. Michael F. McLampy
Phone No. 860-367-0565
Fax No. 860-367-0824
E-Mail: mmelampy@kta.com

Mr. Joseph R. Miller
Phone No. 410-545-8311
Fax No. 410-209-5002
E-Mail: jmiller5@sha.state.md.us

Mr. Bruce E. Nelson
Phone No. 301-513-7394
Fax No. 301-513-7387
E-Mail: bnelson@sha.state.md.us

Mr. Robert Nelson
Phone No. 717-399-5362
Fax No. 717-293-4074
E-Mail: rnelson@high.net

Mr. Roy Nooreyazdan
Phone No. 717-859-2992

Mr. Dennis O’Shea
Phone No. 302-760-2288
Fax No. 302-739-6360
E-Mail: doshea@mail.dot.state.de.us

Mr. Russ Panico
Phone No. 717-390-4250
Fax No. 717-293-4093
E-Mail: jrpanico@high.net

Mr. Andrew Pennoni
Phone No. 610-277-2402
Fax No. 610-277-7449
E-Mail: apennoni@pennoni.com

Mr. Paul E. Perkins
Phone No. 301-572-7201
Fax No. 301-572-5051
E-Mail: pperkins@g-and-o.com

Mr. Joseph Policelli
Phone No. 410 962-4342, Ext. 117
Fax No. 410-962-4054
E-Mail: joseph.policelli@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. Ron Quasebarth
Phone No. 703 361-5885
Fax No. 703-361-8562
E-Mail: rquasebarth@williamsbridge.com

Mr. David M. Revay
Phone No. 412-257-2853

Mr. Scott Rice
Phone No. 412-788-1300
Fax No. 412-788-1306
E-Mail: srice@kta.com

Mr. Vishwanath Sahay
Phone No. 703-378-7263
Fax No. 703-378-7274
E-Mail: vsahay@artechlab.com

Mr. Bryan Morgan
Phone No. 302-760-2519
Fax No. 302-739-2217
Dover,Delaware 19903

Mr. Robert Seiler
Phone No. 908-451-0253
Fax No. 732-370-8560 E-Mail:

Mr. Tony Serdenes
Phone No 301-470-2772
Baltimore 410-880-3055
Fax No. 301-490-2649
E-Mail: t_serdenes@gpinet.com

Mr. William Shoup
Phone No. 412-281-2331, x230
Fax No. 412-281-9992
E-Mail: shoup@sspc.org

Mr. Rocky Snellings
Phone No. 703-361-5885
Fax No. 703-361-8562
E-Mail: nsnelling772@aol.com

Mr. Jiten K. Soneji
Phone No. 302-760-2299
Fax No. 302-739-2217
E-Mail: jsoneji@mail.dot.state.de.us

Mr. Brad Streeter
Phone No. 419-257-3561
Fax No. 419-257-2200
E-Mail: bstreeter@dsbrown.com

Mr. Louis N. Triandafilou. P.E.
Phone No. 410-962-3648
Fax No. 410 962-4586
E-Mail: lou.triandafilou@fhwa.dot.gov

Krishna K. Verma
Office of Bridge Tech. (HIBT)
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE.
Room E75-336
Washington, D.C. 20590
Phone No. 202 366-4601
Fax No. 202 366-9981 or 3077
E-Mail: krishna.verma@dot.gov

Ernesto Villalba
Phone No. 919-856-4769 Ext. 130
E-Mail: ernesto.villalba@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. John P. Weisner
Phone No. 301-513-7373 9300
Fax No. 301-513-7387
E-Mail: jweisner@sha.state.md.us

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