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U.S. Department
of Transportation

Federal Highway
Administration Resource Center

Subject: Structural Committee for
Economic Fabrication (SCEF)

Minutes of August 26, 2009 Meeting
Dover, Delaware

Date: December 31, 2009

From: Senior Structural Engineer
Structures Technical Service Team
Resource Center -- Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland

Reply to
Attn. of:

To: SCEF Members
Mid-Atlantic States

Attached for your information is a copy of the attendance list and minutes from the subject meeting, held on August 26, 2009 at the Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT) Headquarters building in Dover, Delaware. Also attached are copies of handouts referenced in the minutes, the full SCEF membership address list and subcommittee membership lists for your review. Anyone wishing to add or delete names from the lists is asked to notify our office as soon as possible. Our sincere appreciation is extended to Mr. Barry Benton of DELDOT for his outstanding efforts in coordinating all of the meeting arrangements, particularly the web meeting setup.

We wish to thank Mr. Daniel Beck of the Maryland State Highway Administration for the great job he did in taking notes at the meeting, and for completing the very comprehensive minutes in a timely manner. Minutes, lists and MS Word attachments referenced in the minutes will be posted soon on the FHWA Resource Center High Performance Materials website at: www.fhwa.dot.gov/resourcecenter/teams/structures/hpm_scef.cfm. The link is located in the Structures Team section of the Resource Center website, under Solutions, where there is a section on High Performance Materials. SCEF is listed under that section. Presentation materials will be posted in the future on an appropriate File Transfer Protocol site.

Those members without an Internet address who have an ** next to their name will receive either a fax or hard copy mailing of the materials. All recipients of these materials are requested to make the information available within your offices. Problems with receiving copies by fax or mail may be addressed to Mr. Melvin Harris of our office (410-962-2773 or melvin.harris@dot.gov).

Subcommittee chairs are requested to convene their groups before the next full SCEF meeting in order to address action items noted in the minutes, further develop items for balloting, and to address new issues and concerns in their respective areas.

The next SCEF meeting has been tentatively set for August 25, 2010, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at a location still to be determined. Recognizing the severe time and funding restrictions evident these days with public agencies, private industry and academia, we would again prefer to set this meeting up as a webconference. Therefore, we would appreciate a response from a member of each of the State DOTs as to their Webconferencing capabilities, in order that we may finalize the meeting date as soon as possible.

Once again, we thank the membership and their management for the support of this Committee activities. Please feel free to submit agenda items for the next meeting by July 15, 2010.

Louis N. Triandafilou, P.E.

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