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SCEF Meetings

National Resource Center -- Baltimore
Subject: Next SCEF Meetings
September 4-5, 2003
Frederick, MD

From: High Performance Structural Materials Specialist
National Resource Center -- Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland

To: Structural Committee for Economic Fabrication
SCEF Members
Mid-Atlantic States

Attached is a copy of the agendas for the subject meetings, which will be held on Thursday and Friday, September 4-5, 2003, at the Maryland State Highway Administration’s (SHA) District 7 Office, located at 5111 Buckeystown Pike, Buckeystown, Maryland. The Structural Coatings Subcommittee will meet on the 4th in Training Room #2, from 9 am to 3 pm, and the full SCEF will meet in Training Room #1 on Friday the 5th, from 8 am to 3 pm.

Directions to the District Office are attached. The training rooms are located in the first building on the right, upon proceeding straight through the entrance to the parking lot. Any questions about office location may be directed to Ms. Susan Hose, at (301) 624-8104.

Two hotels are located in the same general vicinity of the District Office. One is the Hampton Inn, located on the same road, and within walking distance of the SHA District Office. Reservations may be made by calling (301) 698-2500, for a single room rate of $75 plus tax. Another lodging possibility is the Fairfield Inn, located across from the Hampton Inn at 5220 West View Drive. Reservations may be made there by calling (301) 631-2000, for a single room rate of $65 plus tax.

This notice will be posted on the FHWA Resource Center’s website under the heading, SCEF Committee Meetings, which is located within the link to “High Performance Materials.” All SCEF members with an Internet address will receive these materials electronically. Hard copies will not be mailed to these individuals. Those members without an Internet address who have an “**” next to their name will receive a fax of the materials. All recipients of these materials are requested to make the information available as soon as possible to other non-Internet members on the SCEF list.

If there are any problems with receiving the documents either electronically or by fax, please notify Mr. Melvin Harris at (410) 962-2773. Members are requested to review their previous copies of Subcommittee listings and consider representation by their state or company as appropriate.

State DOT attendees to each of the meetings are requested to come prepared to discuss all agenda items, in order to make the meetings as effective as possible.

The attached agendas are supplemented as follows:

In continuing SCEF’s alignment with the AASHTO/National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) Steel Bridge Collaboration (SBC), attendees are once again asked to complete and bring with them, the attached questionnaire on status of implementation of documents developed by this national group. We are particularly interested in feedback from the State DOTs, therefore, please coordinate responses with appropriate individuals within the various sections of the Department. We also welcome comments on all the documents from non-State DOT individuals/organizations as well. Copies of these standards are available on the Collaboration website. Attached is a copy of the implementation status to date.

As we had discussed and requested at the last meeting, we look forward to each Subcommittee Chairman reporting on their evaluation of current SCEF standards pertaining to their respective groups. Revisions should either be made in order to update the standards, or they should be recommended for deletion. Each Chairman should be prepared to present a plan of action for any proposed revisions, and how the revisions will be reflected in LRFD format, as applicable.

The attached agenda for the full SCEF meeting is expanded upon as follows:

Item 3d. - New SCEF Task Force on High Strength Bolt Installation Training

As follow-up from the last meeting, the Committee agreed to take the lead in supporting the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TCCC) development of training for high strength bolt installers for overhead sign structures. We are now soliciting the SCEF for 3 or 4 volunteers to participate on this task force. Please notify our office (410-962-3648) before the meeting to indicate your interest. We would like to formally establish this group at the meeting, in order that they may begin to work with the TCCC on this effort.

Item 4 - Squirter Direct Tension Indicator High Strength Bolts

In addition to a presentation, Mr. Wallace will demonstrate the bolts being tightened in a Skidmore machine.

Item 7 - Optional Radius Cuts for Stiffener Snipes

Committee members are asked to review the attached drawings and send any comments to Mr. Crosland at: gcrosland@high.net. Each State is asked to designate a member to be prepared to vote on the details at this meeting. The details have been proposed and are under consideration by the AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration.

Item 8a. - Large Movement Expansion Joints Subcommittee

We wish to extend our appreciation to Mr. Marv Blimline of the MDSHA for agreeing to chair this group.

Item 8b. - Bearings Subcommittee

We wish to extend our appreciation to Ms. Patricia Kiehl of PADOT for agreeing to chair this group.

Items 11 and 12 - AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration Documents

Each State is asked to complete and bring to the meeting the attached form which will provide an update of their implementation status of the Collaboration documents. All attendees are asked to provide review comments on the documents.

Item 13 -- Standard Format for WPS’s and PQR’s

Each State is asked to review the attached welding forms and provide comments to Mr. Horwhat prior to the meeting. Again, each State is asked to designate a member for voting on the acceptance of these forms at our upcoming meeting.

Item 14 - State DOT Updates High Performance Steel Project Implementation

Each State is asked to designate a member to provide the subject update on projects completed within the past year, those under construction and those under design. Included with the updates should be a discussion of any problems encountered, and how they were resolved.

An overhead projector will be made available if needed by the presenters. Speakers anticipating making an electronic presentation are requested to send us a CD of their presentation in advance of the meeting, and we will load it onto a laptop for their use. All speakers are asked to provide paper copies of their talks, and are asked to notify us as soon as possible of their equipment needs.

We look forward to another successful turnout and to the active participation of all attendees at the meetings.

Original signed by,

Attachments Louis N. Triandafilou

Structural Coatings Subcommittee Meeting
September 4, 2003, Frederick, Maryland
MDSHA District 7 - Training Room 2


1. Introduction by 9:00 a.m.

2. Approval of Minutes from October 30, 2002 meeting.

3. Discussion and report from all DOTs on AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration Specification and Guidelines for Shop Painting.

4. Shop Coatings vs. Field Painting Study - Presentation by Bob Kogler, FHWA.

5. FHWA - Coatings Training Programs - Status
Development of Data Bases for Metallazing DOT Volunteers? State Experience? Who, What?

6. Inorganic zinc-acrylic/acrylic system
How are they tested? AASHTO R31? Who uses?
Wendy Ealding of VDOT has attached a survey. Please complete the attached.

7. Salts - Testing for Salts
What’s an acceptable or unacceptable level?
What does your state do, if anything?

8. Painting Weathering Steel - Presentation by Dr. Lloyd Smith

9. Weathering Steel Truss - if the structural steel is stored outside for a period of time in which the rust patina forms on the steel, will this make any difference in the area of the bolted connections?

10. Other States experience with overcoating -
Are there any changes in policy & procedures?
Are we blasting more or overcoating more? Why?

11. Warranties for cleaning and painting -
Who uses? Are they successful?

12. Midwest DOT Maintenance Paint Group
Recent meeting in Kansas City - did anyone attend?

SCEF Survey

1. Does your agency specify inorganic zinc-acrylic-acrylic coating systems for structural steel?

2. If yes, does your agency require the inorganic zinc to meet AASHTO M300?

3. If you specify acrylic topcoats, what is the basis of your specification (compositional, performance, other)?

4. If you use AASHTO M300, do you require your acrylics to be tested in the topcoatability test? If yes, how many hours exposure do you require in the humidity cabinet (D 2247)?

5. Would you like a copy of the results of this survey?

6. Please attach a copy of your specifications, e-mail to Wendy.Ealding@VirginiaDOT.org, fax to 804-328-3136 or snail mail to Wendy Ealding, Scientist Manager, VDOT Materials Division, 1401 E. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219

Thank you for your time.

September 5, 2003 SCEF Meeting - 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
MDSHA District 7 Office, Training Room #1, Frederick, MD


1. Introductions at 8:00 A.M.

2. Approval of Minutes from February 13, 2003 Meeting in Charleston, WV

3. Task Group Status Reports

a. AISC Task Force on Minor Bridge Component Certification

Anna Petroski - Quality Management Company, LLC (20 minutes)

b. Standardization of Design/Fabrication of Overhead Sign Supports

Tom Macioce - PADOT (20 minutes)

c. Regional Welder Certification Program

John Weisner and Bruce Abernathy - MDSHA (20 minutes)

d. New SCEF Task Force on High Strength Bolt Installation Training
(15 minutes)

4. Squirter Direct Tension Indicator High Strength Bolts

Wayne Wallace, Applied Bolting Technology (30 minutes)

5. Break (20 minutes)

6. AWS CWI Certification Program Costs

Jeff Hufsey - AWS (30 minutes)

7. Optional Radius Cuts for Stiffener Snipes

George Crosland, High Steel Structures, Inc. (20 minutes)

8. Subcommittee Status Reports by Chairmen

a. Large Movement Expansion Joints

Marv Blimline - MDSHA (20minutes)

b. Bearings

Patti Kiehl -- PADOT (20 minutes)

9. Lunch (1 hour)

10. Structural Coatings Subcommittee Update (20 minutes)

11. Status of AASHTO/NSBA Document Implementation—All (20 minutes)

12. Comments on AASHTO/NSBA Collaboration Documents - All (20 minutes)

13. Standard Format for WPS’s and PQR’s

Bob Horwhat - PADOT (20 minutes)

14. State DOT Status Update on High Performance Steel Project Implementation (20 minutes)

15. Other Issues & Adjourn by 3:00 PM

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