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TEA-21 Information Exchange Meetings on
Environmental Streamlining, Transportation Enhancements,
and Environmental Justice

TEA-21 Information Exchange Meetings

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will hold a series of information exchange meetings on the provisions of TEA-21 relative to environmental streamlining, transportation enhancements, and environmental justice. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will conduct the half-day meetings for the Department. For more information on environmental streamlining and transportation enhancements, see TEA-21 Fact Sheets on environmental streamlining and transportation enhancements. These information exchange meetings are part of a series of outreach sessions DOT is holding around the country on the implementation of TEA-21.

The informal information exchange meetings will provide a deeper understanding of the complex issues and factors the DOT should consider in issuing policy, regulations, and/or guidance to implement TEA-21 provisions relating to environmental streamlining and transportation enhancements. The meetings will also explore the implications of the President's environmental justice initiative for carrying out TEA-21. Invited representatives from the environmental, transportation enhancements, and environmental justice communities will discuss these programs. DOT officials will moderate the meetings.

The meetings will be structured as discussions among invited participants around a series of issues which the Department has identified as being germane to TEA-21. As meeting agendas are developed, they will be posted on this website. To promote interaction, participants are asked to limit their remarks on individual issues to no more than five minutes. Longer or more detailed statements may be submitted directly to the TEA 21 Docket at any time: Docket No. OST-98-4146, U. S. Department of Transportation, 400 7th Street SW, Washington, DC 20590. Persons unable to attend an information exchange meeting should also submit their viewpoints to the TEA-21 Docket. Since the Docket contains statements on many provisions of TEA-21, written comments should clearly identify which TEA-21 provisions are being addressed.

The DOT will consider these views in its implementation of TEA-21. The Department anticipates hearing a variety of viewpoints concerning the appropriate way to administer the law: through regulations, guidance, or perhaps administering directly from the statutory language.

Locations, Dates, and Contacts

Environmental Streamlining
Fred Skaer,
FHWA Environmental Operations Division
(202) 366-0106
Washington, DC, 10/9/98
Chicago, IL, 10/15/98
Portland, OR, 10/28/98
Transportation Enhancements
Harold Peaks,
FHWA Environmental Operations Division
Kansas City, MO, 9/29/98
Oakland, CA, 10/13/98
Washington, DC, 10/19/98
Environmental Justice
Wendell Stills,
FHWA Environmental Operations Division
Atlanta, GA, 10/14/98
Harlem, NY, 10/27/98
Seattle, WA, 11/4/98
San Francisco, CA, 11/13/98

Attendance Since an informal discussion is desired, the Department has limited attendance at information exchange meetings to 25 persons. To ensure a broad spectrum of viewpoints, the FHWA will directly invite the participation of individuals and organizations with a known interest in the subject of each information exchange meeting. There will be limited numbers of additional places available. If you wish to attend an information exchange meeting, please call one of the above contacts to register for one of the remaining available places on a first come basis.

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