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* Authorizations shown here will be augmented by a portion of Minimum Guarantee funds.

Program Purpose

The Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (HBRRP) provides funds to assist the States in their programs to replace or rehabilitate deficient highway bridges and to seismic retrofit bridges located on any public road.

Distribution of Funds

The following funds are to be set aside from authorized amounts:

Bridge Discretionary - $25 million in FY 1998 and $100 million per year for FYs 1999-2003 for bridge projects at the discretion of the Secretary. Of these amounts, $25 million per year must be used for seismic retrofit. [1109(b)]

The following setasides are eliminated:

Timber Bridges - Timber bridge projects continue to be eligible for funding under the regular HBRRP or other Federal-aid categorical programs.

Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) Bridges - The 1% setaside for deficient IRR bridges is eliminated; funding for these bridges to be provided through a new setaside from IRR funds under the Federal Lands Highways program. [TRA 9002(I)(3)]

Apportioned funds are to be distributed according to the existing formula, which is based on each State’s relative share of the total cost to repair or replace deficient highway bridges. [23USC144(e)]

Transfer of Funds

Up to 50% of apportionments may be transferred to IM, NHS, STP, and/or CMAQ. [1310]

For purposes of apportioning Bridge program funds, the transferred amount will be deducted for the succeeding fiscal year from the total cost of deficient bridges in the State and in all States. [1109]

Funds set aside for off-system bridges may not be transferred unless a determination is made that the State has inadequate needs to justify expenditure of the full amount of the setaside funds. [23 USC144(g)(3)]

Eligible Activities

Expands eligibility to include the following [1109(d)]:

September 14, 1998

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