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* Authorizations shown here will be augmented by a portion of Minimum Guarantee funds.

Program Purpose

The Interstate Maintenance (IM) program provides funding for resurfacing, restoring, rehabilitating and reconstructing (4R) most routes on the Interstate System.

Distribution of Funds

The following funds are to be set aside from authorized amounts:

Apportioned funds are to be distributed based on the following new formula [1103(b)]:

Provides that each State shall receive a minimum ½% of combined IM and NHS apportionments.[1103(b)]

Transfer of Funds

Up to 50% of apportionments may be transferred to NHS, STP, CMAQ, and/or Bridge. [1310]

Eligible Activities

Expands IM project eligibilities to include "reconstruction." [1107(a)]

Added single occupancy vehicle (SOV) lanes continue to be ineligible. [23USC119(d)]

Routes Eligible for Funding [1107(a)]

Routes on the Interstate System designated under Section 103(c)(1) and, in Alaska and Puerto Rico, under section 103(c)(4)(A);

Routes on the Interstate System designated under Sections 139 (a) and (b) as in effect prior to TEA-21.

Any segments that become part of the Interstate System under Section 1105(e)(5) of ISTEA.

Toll roads only if such road is subject to a Secretarial agreement provided for in Section 129 or continued in effect by Section 1012(d) of ISTEA and not voided by the Secretary under Section 120(c) of the Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act of 1987.

Program Administration

See fact sheet on Program Administration for important changes in program delivery and project oversight that affect the Interstate Maintenance Program.

September 14, 1998

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