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* Authorizations shown here will be augmented by a portion of Minimum Guarantee funds.

Program Purpose

This program provides funding for improvements to rural and urban roads that are part of the NHS, including the Interstate System and designated connections to major intermodal terminals. Under certain circumstances, NHS funds may also be used to fund transit improvements in NHS corridors.

Distribution of Funds

The following funds are to be set aside from authorized amounts:

Apportioned funds are to be distributed based on the following new formula [1103(b)]:

Provides that each State shall receive a minimum ½% of combined NHS and IM apportionments.[1103(b)]

Transfer of funds

Up to 50% of apportionments may be transferred to IM, STP, CMAQ, and/or Bridge. [1310]

Up to 100% may be transferred to STP, if approved by the Secretary and if sufficient notice and opportunity for public comment is given. [23USC104(c)]

Eligible Activities

Expands NHS eligibility to include the following [1106(b)]:

System Definition

Adds to the system the highways and connections to transportation facilities identified in the report submitted by the Secretary to Congress on May 24, 1996. [1106(b)]

Retains provision which allows the Secretary to make modifications to the NHS, including modifications to connections to major intermodal terminals.

Retains provision which requires the Secretary to add to the NHS any congressional high priority corridors upon the completion of feasibility studies.

NHS Intermodal Freight Connectors Study

TEA-21 requires the Secretary to report to Congress within two years on progress in improving NHS connectors to seaports, airports, and other intermodal freight transportation facilities for the efficient movement of freight, including movements of freight between modes. If impediments to improving the connectors are identified, the Secretary is to include recommendations. [1106(d)]

Program Administration

See fact sheet on Program Administration for important changes in program delivery and project oversight that affect the NHS Program.

September 14, 1998

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