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Program Purpose

The On-the-Job Training Supportive Services (OJT/SS) program is designed to increase the effectiveness of approved OJT programs, particularly in providing effective training opportunities for minorities and women.


States may use OJT/SS funding to provide such services as:

Key Continuing Provisions

Continues to provide that States may set aside not to exceed ½ of 1% of Surface Transportation Program and Bridge Program funding for On-the-Job Training Supportive Services (OJT/SS).

Continues to provide that the Secretary may deduct up to $10 million per fiscal year for developing, conducting, and administering OJT/SS programs.

Key Modifications

Broadens the scope of OJT/SS programs to include technology training (research, intelligent transportation systems, etc.). [1208(b)(1)(A)]

Expands the statutory purposes for which OJT/SS funding may be used to include the development and funding of Summer Transportation Institutes, including the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Transportation and Civil Engineering program. [1208 (b)(1)(B)]

Changes the source of funding from which the Secretary may deduct not to exceed $10 million per year for developing, conducting, and administering OJT/SS programs from apportionments under Section 104(b) to the Surface Transportation Program. [1208 (b)(2)]

September 14, 1998

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