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*Funded from administrative takedown

Program Purpose

The Recreational Trails Program provides funds to develop and maintain recreational trails for motorized and nonmotorized recreational trail users.


Provides stable funding for the Recreational Trails program by establishing it as a Federal-aid program category with contract authority. [1103(f), 1112(a)]

Funds are apportioned to the States by formula—50% equally among all eligible States and 50% in propor tion to the amount of off-road recreational fuel use—fuel used for off-road recreation by snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, off-road motorcycles, and off-road light trucks. [1103(f)(2)]

The maximum Federal share attributable to the Recreational Trails Program is 80% [23USC206(f)]

"Soft match" (credit for donations of funds, materials, services, or new right-of-way) is permitted from any project sponsor, whether a private organization or public agency. [23USC206(h)(1)]


Eligible project categories are [23USC206(d)(2)]:

Use of Funds

States must meet minimum funding shares among motorized, nonmotorized, diverse trail use [1112(a)]:

States should give consideration to projects that provide for the redesign, reconstruction, nonroutine main tenance, or relocation of recreational trails to benefit the natural environment. [1112(a)]

States are encouraged to enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with qualified youth conservation orservice corps to perform trail construction and maintenance. [1112(e)]

State Program Administration

The Governor of the State designates the agency to administer the program, which may be an agency other than the State DOT. [23USC206(c)(1)]

The State must have a State Recreational Trail Advisory Committee that represents both motorized and non motorized recreational trail users, which shall meet not less often than once per fiscal year. [23USC206(c)(2)]

September 14, 1998

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