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Program Purpose

This activity determines national surface transportation research and technology development priorities, coordinates implementing program activities on a Federal government-wide basis, measures the results of those activities, and documents their impact on the performance of the surface transportation systems of the United States. [5108]

Key Features

DOT will ensure the surface transportation R&D programs it initiates meet emerging needs and do not duplicate other research efforts inside or outside government through an integrated planning, coordination, consultation and independent technical validation process for its R&D programs.

DOT is given the leadership role in the process; other participants in the process must include —

Strategic Plan Development

TEA-21 requires the Secretary to develop an integrated surface transportation research and technology development strategic plan which will —

Reporting Requirements

The National Research Council will review the required R&T strategic plan, performance plan, and program performance report to provide external validation.

Within 1 year after enactment, the Secretary is also to report to the Congress on competitive merit review procedures for use in selecting grantees and contractors in the programs covered by the plan, and performance measurement procedures for evaluating the programs themselves.

The Department must also develop model procurement procedures to encourage the use of advanced technologies; and model transactions for carrying out coordinated Federal and State surface transportation R&D activities.

September 14, 1998

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