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* Funded from multiple sources (ISTEA, GOE)
** Includes funding amounts to support TDIPP, Innovative Bridge Research and Construction Program, and all designated projects (see details below)

Technology Deployment Program [5103]

Program Purpose

To significantly accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies by the surface transportation community.


Provides contract authority funding for technology deployment totaling $250 million. [5001(a)(2)]. Funding previously provided for technology deployment initiatives through annual appropriations for General Operating Expenses (GOE) is no longer available for these activities.

Funds continue to be subject to the overall Federal-aid obligation limitation, but will no longer receive limitation equal to 100 percent of available funding. They will now be included in the formula distribution of the limitation and will receive a prorated share on the same basis as other Federal-aid programs. [1102(c)(5)]

Obligations will now also be subject to a separate limitation within the overall Federal-aid obligation limitation. [5002]

Limitation set aside for research and technology programs may be carried over for 3 years. [1102(e), TRA 9002(b)(2)]

Program Elements

Technology Deployment Initiatives and Partnerships Program (TDIPP)—

Will focus on not more than 5 deployment goals to be determined by the Secretary that will produce tangible national benefits.

Use domestic and international technology to develop strategies and initiatives to achieve deployment goals, including technical assistance in deploying technology and mechanisms for sharing information among program participants.

Strategies will be established in cooperation with public, private, and academic partners; and will emphasize leveraging of Federal funds with other resources.

Program is to include technical assistance, information sharing mechanisms, and be integrated with efforts to disseminate DOT research.

Innovative Bridge Research and Construction Program

Demonstrates the applications of innovative materials in the repair, rehabilitation, replacement and new construction of bridges and other structures.

A total of $108 million is targeted to demonstrate the application of innovative material technology in the construction of bridges and other structures by—

Designated Technology Deployment Projects

The following projects are specifically identified to be funded from Technology Deployment funds authorized under Section 5001(a)(2):

Under University Grants—

Under the Transportation Technology Innovation and Demonstration program—

Under Research, Development, Demonstration, and Training Projects–

Training and Education [5104]

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Program to provide access to surface transportation technology.

Authorizes HTF contract authority totaling $51 million for 1998-2003. [5001(a)(3)]

Will continue to serve highway and transportation agencies in rural areas and urban areas of 500,000 to 1 million population; TEA-21 adds contractors that do work for these agencies as eligible recipients of LTAP program products.

Will continue to be administered through the national network of Technology Transfer Centers in each State and Puerto Rico and through the six regional centers serving over 540 native American tribal governments.

National Highway Institute (NHI)

Program to provide education and training to a broader group of transportation professionals.

Authorizes HTF contract authority totaling $39 million for 1998-2003. [5001(a)(3)]

The NHI may assess and collect fees from organizations receiving training to defray the costs of the NHI in developing or administering education and training programs under the authorizing subsection.

States may use up to ½ of 1 percent of STP funds for the payment of up to 80 percent of the cost of training through the NHI.

Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program

Program to attract qualified students to the field of transportation.

Authorizes HTF contract authority totaling $12 million for FYs 1998-2003. [5001(a)(3)]

September 14, 1998

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