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ACTION: Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) - Revision to Sections 2G-5.7 October 22, 1998
Director, Office of Highway Safety


Division Administrators
Resource Center Directors


We have received several inquiries concerning the specific service food sign changes described in Transportation Equity Act of the Twenty -First Century (TEA-21) (P.L. 105-178). Specifically TEA-21, Section 1217, Eligibility, paragraph (f) Information Services.

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Sections 2G-5.7 and 2G-5.8 contain eligibility guidance for food businesses which may display logos on specific service signs. The most current edition of the MUTCD Section 2G-5.7, Guidelines for Specific Service Signs, states that "Use of specific service signing should conform to the following guidelines: ... The use of FOOD signs including continuous operations to serve three meals a day, 7 days a week and a telephone." This MUTCD criteria has been modified by TEA-21, Section 1217, paragraph (f) by adding the following requirement:

(f) INFORMATION SERVICES- A food business that would otherwise be eligible to display a mainline business logo on a specific service food sign described in section 2G-5.7(4) of part IIG of the 1998 edition of the MUTCD for Streets and Highways under the requirements specified in that section, but for the fact that the business is open 6 days a week, cannot be prohibited from inclusion on such a food sign."

This subsection became effective and applicable when TEA-21 became public law on June 9. The States or local jurisdictions should assure that their specific service sign policies and programs are in compliance with this TEA-21 requirement. They should also review and revise as appropriate any related statutes, local ordinances, and MUTCD provision for compliance with the requirement. The TEA-21 was very specific and it applies only to specific service signs for food businesses. All other guidance in MUTCD Section 2G-5.7 which concerns public accommodations, distances from the interchange, etc. remain applicable. The State or local jurisdiction should continue to maintain a policy that sets priorities on the types and eligibilities of services on these signs.

The draft revised MUTCD text is attached. We will shortly place a final rule in the Federal Register this subject. Please inform your respective State transportation agency of this change. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Ernie Huckaby at 202-366-9064.

Original signed by Rudy Umbs
on 10/22/98 for Michael F. Trentacoste

1988 MUTCD Revision No. XX

This revision to the MUTCD is made for compliance with the requirement in Federal Public Law 105-178 [112 Stat. 214] which was effective on June 9, 1998.

In the 1988 MUTCD section 2G-5.7, the sentence,

  1. The use of FOOD signs including continuous operations to serve three meals a day, at least 7 days a week and a telephone.

Is replaced by the following sentences:

  1. The use of FOOD signs including continuous operations to serve three meals a day, at least 6 days a week and a telephone.

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