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National One DOT Conferences

The National One DOT Conferences, seven of which are being held around the country, provide an opportunity for the transportation community to speak to a U.S. DOT panel on the on a specific issue related to TEA-21. Generally, the sessions are scheduled from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Constituency panelists are invited (20 to 25) representing States, cities, counties, MPOs, transit, ports, railroads, truckers, shippers, border communities, Intelligent Transportation Systems, environment, safety, labor, construction, disadvantaged business interests, Native American tribes, and others. There is expected to be a similar cross section represented in the audience; auditoriums accommodating approximately 200 audience members are being used for the One Dot Conferences.

CommentsComments on the TEA-21 legislation may be made at the One DOT Conference during the question and comments session at the end of the day; by submitting written statements to U.S. DOT staff at the site of the Conference; and by submitting written statements to Docket OST-98-4146, which the Department has opened to accept comments.

Attendance at One Dot ConferencesInterested persons may attend any of the One DOT Conferences. There is no formal registration or fee to attend.

Modal contacts are listed below:




Federal Highway Administration

Leslie J. Wright


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Charlotte Hrncir

(202) 366-2105

Federal Transit Administration

Jackie Brooks and Bruce Frame

(202) 366-0786

Research and Special Programs Administration

Steve Vanbeek

(202) 366-4461

Federal Railroad Administration

Norma Krayem

(202) 632-3114

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