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Q & A: #1109-1
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Question 1109-1: According to the November 3, 1992, memorandum from Federal Highway Administration's Office of Highway Engineering, State DOT's that have transferred Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (HBRRP) funds in the preceding fiscal year are not eligible to request Bridge Discretionary Allocations. If a State transferred HBRRP funds to one of their State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) projects during FY 1998, is it ineligible to receive FY 1999 discretionary funds?

Answer: The FY 1998 transfer of funds by the State to the State's SIB account does not by itself make the State ineligible to request or receive discretionary funds in FY 1999. The administrative policy established by the November 3, 1992 memorandum was intended to address the concern for funds being transferred out of the HBRRP and Interstate System program categories while there were significant identified needs in those program areas. It was not intended to be applied to the SIB initiative which was established under Section 350 of the 1995 National Highway System (NHS) Designation Act for the purpose of increasing infrastructure investment in the transportation sector. States that participated in the SIB Program and transferred funds only to their SIB account, and not to any funding category covered by the November 1992 memorandum remain eligible to receive discretionary funding. [August 4, 1998]

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