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Impact of Sec. 1310, “Uniform Transferability of Federal-aid Highway Funds”

*Section 1108 (STP) of TEA-21 did not change Section 1007(a) of ISTEA which provided that 10 % of the funds apportioned to the State for STP shall be available to carry out Sec. 130 and 152 programs and from that 10%, each State shall reserve for each program an amount not less than the funds apportioned to the State in FY 1991 for that program. (According to FHWA Counsel, "reservations" are treated as apportionments.)

**Similarly, the ISTEA requirement that States reserve half of their Sec. 130 funds for protective devices still stands. Grade crossing improvements can be funded by Sec. 152 if identified in State's hazardous location survey.

***In FY97, the "optional" safety set aside category was $285,229,220, compared to $ 205,074,177 in FY98.

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