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TEA-21 Information Exchange
Video Conference
Highway Program Streamlining

October 6, 1998
12:00 to 3:00 p.m. (Eastern time)

The Office of the Secretary of Transportation developed an Outreach Plan to seek input from our customers and partners prior to implementation of new TEA-21 programs. One component of the Plan is a number of Information Exchange Sessions, intended to be discussions of specific program areas between program managers and their State and Local implementing partners and stakeholders. One of the proposed focus group sessions is Highway Program Streamlining.

The focus is on Subtitle C of TEA-21 (Program Streamlining and Flexibility). Note: There will be other engineering issues discussed during this time.


The FHWA has invited the participation of individuals and organizations with a known interest in Highway Program Streamlining to ensure a broad spectrum of viewpoints. There are a limited number of additional spaces available. If you wish to attend the meeting, please call one of the contacts listed below to register for one of the remaining available places on a first come basis. The contact person will provide all details related to logistics for the respective location.




Mike Fazioli

New York

518-431-4224 x216
Bob Callan Florida 850-942-9586
Sandy Hayes Arkansas 501-324-5625
Alan Masuda Missouri 573-636-7104 x22
Jeff Kolb Utah 801-963-0078 x232
Alan Friesen Nevada 702-687-5321
Gary Hughes Washington 360-753-9025
David A. Price Washington, D.C. 202-366-4652
Steve Jones Washington, D.C. 202-366-0376

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