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ACTION: Interstate Highway Reconstruction/Rehabilitation Pilot Program, Section 1216(b) of TEA-21 Open Solicitation for Candidate Proposals April 6, 1999
Henry H. Rentz /s/
Director of Program Administration


Division Administrators


Section 1216(b) of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) established a new pilot program to allow conversion of a free Interstate highway to a toll facility in conjunction with needed reconstruction or rehabilitation of the Interstate highway that is only possible with the collection of tolls. Associate Administrator for Program Development Mr. Thomas J. Ptak's December 24, 1998, memorandum to you provided implementing guidance for this provision as well as a call for candidate proposals from the States for consideration under the pilot program.

The deadline for submission of candidates from the States was March 31, 1999. No candidates have been submitted to Headquarters.

The initial submission deadline was established by the FHWA to encourage prompt action by the States to initiate pilot projects. Although no candidates have been submitted for consideration, the use of the pilot program remains available to the States. Accordingly, a new deadline is not being established for submission of candidates, but instead, this is now an open-ended solicitation and candidates will be accepted on a first-come basis.

If a State desires to participate in the pilot program, their proposed candidate is to be submitted to the division office following the guidance in Mr. Ptak's December 24, 1998, memorandum. The division office is to ensure the State's application is complete and fully addresses the items noted for a Phase 1 application as outlined in the memorandum. It is still intended that candidate projects will go through a two phase approval process.

Please advise the State of the continued availability for participation in this pilot program.

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