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Transportation Performance Management



This page provides a listing of conferences and events that may be of interest to TPM practitioners, and are listed for informational purposes only. Not all conferences and events listed are open for general admission, or sponsored by the USDOT. Therefore, if you are interested in attending any of these conferences and events, you are urged to consult with the organizers beforehand. Let us know about any upcoming events by sending an email to TPM Calendar Feedback.

  • AASHTO Annual Meeting
    October 5-9, 2019
    AASHTO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing highway and transportation departments in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. It represents all transportation modes including: air, highways, public transportation, active transportation, rail, and water. Its primary goal is to foster the development, operation, and maintenance of an integrated national transportation system. The Annual Meeting brings together members and interested participants to learn about the latest innovations and projects related to state highway and transportation work.

  • AMPO Annual Conference
    October 22-25, 2019
    AMPO is a nonprofit, membership organization established in 1994 to serve the needs and interests of metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) nationwide. The Annual Conference convenes members and others interested in the mission of AMPO to leanr about the latest innovations and projects relevant to MPOs and to network with and learn from each other.

  • TRB International Visualization Symposium
    November 4-5, 2019
    The theme of this Symposium is A Better View. Visualization can dramatically change the way we view the world around us, influence our ability to solve problems, communicate more effectively, discover new insights into the world around us, and more effectively inform our decisions.  This symposium will explore the opportunities and challenges of visualization in the diverse transportation industry while presenting examples of how visualization is giving us a better view of problems, solutions, and communication strategies with our colleagues and the public.

  • National League of Cities Annual Summit
    November 20-23, 2019
    City Summit is the National League of Cities' conference for local leaders to convene and collaborate on solutions to the common challenges facing America's cities. Each year, the conference is hosted in a different U.S. city - offering fresh and new best practices for government officials to improve the conditions back home.

  • FHWA and FTA TPM and PBPP Implementation Workshops 2019
    FHWA's Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty and Office of Stewardship, Oversight, and Management has partnered with the Federal Transit Administration to host a series of workshops on TPM and PBPP Implementation between June 2019 and December 2019 in selected regions. These workshops will bring together State DOTs, MPOs, public transit operators, FHWA staff and FTA staff to discuss the implementation aspects of target setting, coordination/collaboration, written provisions, system performance reports and other requirements related to TPM and PBPP implementation. The workshops are an invitation-only event for State DOTs, MPOs, public transit operators, FHWA staff and FTA staff in selected regions. Very limited seating is available..

  • TRB Annual Meeting
    Washington, DC
    January 12-16, 2020
    The TRB 99th Annual Meeting will cover all transportation modes, with more than 5,000 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops, addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. A number of sessions and workshops will focus on the spotlight theme for the 2020 meeting: A Century of Progress: Foundation for the Future.

  • National Association of County Engineers Annual Conference and Management/Technical Conference
    Orange Beach, AL
    April 19-23, 2020
    The top industry and Federal Highway Administration experts present on a range of topics: bridge construction and maintenance, safety plans and implementation, fleet purchasing and repairs, software applications, concrete and asphalt technologies, emergency preparedness, Federal legislation and regulations.

  • National Association of Regional Councils Annual Conference and Exhibition
    Detroit, MI
    June 7-10, 2020
    Representatives of Councils of Government and Metropolitan Planning Organizations - leadership, professional staff, board members, local elected officials, technical and program staff — come together to share best practices, attend informative sessions on program, legislative and regulatory issues, as well as avail of training and technical services. Speakers include experts from the public and private sector, congressional and state lawmakers, and individuals from universities and non-profit organizations.

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