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Transportation Performance Management

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December 2013

  1. Online State Dashboards
  2. Performance Reports
  3. Mobility
  4. Performance Based Planning
  5. Safety
  6. Events, Workshops, Webinars
  7. Transportation Performance Management Research
  8. Innovation

1. Online State Dashboards

  • Oregon Department of Transportation Performance Dashboard
    Oregon Department of Transportation - 12/08/2013
    The dashboard provides performance measures from the year 2000 to present-day on the following: Safety, Mobility/Economy, Preservation, Sustainability, Stewardship and a printable one page overview for each category.

  • Alaska Department of Transportation Performance Dashboard
    Alaska Department of Transportation - 12/08/2013
    The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities' Performance Dashboard focuses on key performance indicators for Safety (Maintenance & Operations), Safety (Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement), Infrasturcture (planning and management of construction projects, repair and rehabilitation)

  • Florida Department of Transportation Performance Dashboard
    Florida Department of Transportation - 12/08/2013
    The dashboard provides access to performance measures to quantify progress toward attaining goals and objectives for Florida's transportation system.

2. Performance Reports

  • Washington State Department of Transportation - A Decade of Transparency: The Gray Notebook
    Washington State Department of Transportation - 12/08/2013
    The Gray Notebook is the Washington State Department of Transportation's quarterly accountability report. Starting with the first report in May 2001, the agency has used the quarterly document to provide the latest information on system performance and project delivery.

    The latest report, published November 22, 2013, marks more than a decade of clear and consistent reporting on the transportation system spanning 51 editions.

  • Washington State Department of Transportation's Mega Project Assessment (.pdf, 0.4 mb)
    Washington State Department of Transportation - 12/08/2013
    An independent review of the Washington State Department of Transportation's (WSDOT) management of its largest projects recommends improvements that will strengthen the agency's delivery record and ensure better stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Road to Reform Newsletter
    Massachusetts Department of Transportation's - 12/08/2013
    Weekly newsletter on MassDOT's website to inform their on-going accomplishments, performance, and successes on the road to reform and shed light onto the many challenges transportation agencies are working through each day to better serve the public.

  • Improving the Nation's Freight Transportation System (.pdf, 3 mb)
    House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure - 12/08/2013
    This report includes a detailed discussion of the Nation's freight network and makes recommendations that will improve the safety, efficiency, and performance of the nation's freight transportation system.

  • Pennsylvania Transportation Performance Report 2013
    Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission - 12/08/2013
    The State Transportation Commission, the State Transportation Advisory Committee, and PennDOT and its many transportation partners across the state have been committed to directing their efforts to the effective performance of their transportation system.

  • Performance and Production Review of the Florida Department of Transportation (.pdf. 18 mb)
    Florida Transportation Commission - 12/08/2013
    There are 37 performance measures the Commission uses to evaluate the Department's performance; 20 primary measures and 17 secondary. Primary measures are ones that assess major Department functions, measure an end product or an outcome, and ae, to the greatest extent possible, within the Department's control. Secondary measures are those considered sufficiently important to be reported, yet meet the primary criteria to a lesser degree or are more informational in nature. The focus of this review is on meeting the objectives of the 20 primary measures. During FY 2012/13, the Department met or exceeded the objectives of all 20 primary measures.

3. Mobility

  • 2012 Indiana Mobility Report: Full Version (.pdf, 23 mb)
    Purdue University - 12/08/2013
    INDOT is committed to efficient management of their capital program and operations activities to deliver a high-quality surface transportation system at the lowest cost. In collaboration with their partners at Purdue University, they are integrating commercial probe vehicle data into INDOT processes to quantitatively manage their operations activities, shape their infrastructure investment priorities, and measure the impact of those investments. This report describes those activities and quantifies the progress they are making in improving Indiana mobility.

  • 2013 Maryland State Highway Mobility Report (.pdf, 63 mb)
    Maryland State Highway - 12/08/2013
    SHA uses a performance based approach to provide their customers with a high quality, reliable highway system. With a focus on policies, programs and projects that systematically address both recurring (every day) and non-recurring (weather, collisions, etc.) congestion,SHA continues to preserve and improve the state highway system, while supporting Maryland's economic competitiveness, environmental stewardship and quality of life.

4. Performance Based Planning

  • Standing Committee on Performance Management: Action Plan 2014-2016 Summary (.pdf, 0.1 mb)
    Standing Committee on Performance Management - 12/08/2013
    The Standing Committee on Performance Management is dedicated to provide State DOTs the expertise and resources to support performance based management and to create a results-driven environment to maximize the performance of both transportation systems and organizations.

  • Transportation Planning for Operations: Quick Guide to Practitioner Resources (.pdf, 1 mb)
    Office of Operations, FHWA - 12/08/2013
    Transportation professionals have important questions about the complex transportation challenges of planning for operations. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has developed a number of knowledge resources to help provide answers to planners, operators, public safety professionals, and transportation decision makers. This brochure lists the resources available including guidebooks, case studies, and workshops. They were created with the input of transportation professionals across the country to help improve planning for the management and operation of transportation facilities.

  • Performance Based Planning and Programming Guidebook
    FHWA, HEP - 12/08/2013
    The motivation to implement performance-based approaches in transportation decision-making is substantial. Greater competition for limited funding, a need to strategically focus investments, and heightened demand for public sector accountability and transparency are prominent features of transportation planning and programming today. These trends underscore the need to achieve desired transportation system outcomes in the most cost effective way.

    The Guidebook has been designed to help State DOTs, MPOs, RTPOs, transit agencies, and other partner organizations understand:

    • The key elements of a PBPP process,
    • The relationship of these elements within existing planning and programming processes, and
    • Examples of best practices to help support implementation.

    The Guidebook builds on existing PBPP resources and tools, including a white paper and a series of workshop discussions that FHWA and FTA have sponsored to encourage dialogue among the transportation community

  • Impact of Transportation: Transportation and the Environment - Trends and Conditions 2013 (.pdf, 0.5 mb)
    Florida Department of Transportation - 12/08/2013
    This "Trends and Conditions" report was prepared jointly by the Office of Policy Planning of the Florida Department of Transportation and the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida.

5. Safety

  • Missouri's Blueprint to SAVE MORE LIVES 2012-2016
    SaveMoLives.com - 12/08/2013
    Missouri's Blueprint to SAVE MORE LIVES provides overall guidance and direction to the many public agencies and community organizations concerned with improving roadway safety. The Blueprint for 2012 to 2016 includes six emphasis areas, 25 focus areas and renews a call for action to mobilize and implement key strategies on the state, county and local levels.

  • State of Florida's Safe Mobility for Life Program Accomplishments-November 2013 (.pdf, 0.7 mb)
    State of Florida - 12/08/2013
    In Florida, the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition has brought together over 20 organizations, agencies and universities to improve transportation safety, mobility and access to Florida's seniors.

  • State of Missouri 2013 Highway Safety Plan & Performance Plan (.pdf, 5 mb)
    Missouri DOT - 12/08/2013
    This document describes how Missouri's Section 402 Highway Safety program and the new Section 504 National Priority Safety Program (plus additional incentive grant funds and Sections 154 and 164 transfer funds) will be used to promote highway safety with the state. The 2013 HSP encompasses the federal fiscal year October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013

  • Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Database
    Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building, FHWA - 12/08/2013
    Many state and local highway agencies are implementing data-driven, strategic approaches to roadway safety program planning, implementation, and evaluation. These practices can reduce staff time, save money and other resources, and reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries. The FHWA Office of Safety is collecting and making these practices available in the Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Database

6. Events, Workshops, Webinars

  • 2014 TRB 93rd Annual Meeting: State DOT CEOs to Discuss Critical Issues
    TRB - 12/08/2013
    Funding and financing, performance management, and the systems management and operations culture are the critical issues that will be the focus of a three part State Department of Transportation Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Roundtable that will take place on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, during the TRB 93rd Annual Meeting. A total of 13 CEOs are scheduled to participate in this unique series of sessions that will explore what is being done and what more can be done at the state level to address these critical issues. Use the TRB Interactive Program and search on "CEO Critical Issues Roundtable" to learn more details on the topics, and exact times and locations of these sessions.

  • 2014 TRB 93rd Annual Meeting: Joseph Schofer, 2014 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture
    TRB - 12/08/2013
    Moving the Goods: Performance Measures and the Value Proposition for Freight Projects" is the title of the lecture that Dr. Joseph Schofer will deliver as the recipient of the 2014 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lectureship award. Dr. Schofer is a leading expert in the planning and management of transportation systems, particularly the provision and use of data and information for effective decision making, decision support for infrastructure preservation and rehabilitation, and transportation policy.

    He will present his lecture on Monday, January 13, 2014, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. in the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel as part of the TRB 93rd Annual Meeting, January 12-16, 2014, in Washington, D.C.

7. Transportation Performance Management Research

  • SHRP L-05: Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures into the Transportation Planning and Programming Processes
    TRB - 12/08/2013
    A Guide, a Technical Reference, spreadsheets applied to case studies, and other material to help agencies address travel time reliability in their plans and programs.

  • NCHRP Report 660: Transportation Performance Management: Insight from Practitioners
    TRB - 12/08/2013
    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 660: Transportation Performance Management: Insight from Practitioners explores the concept of performance management and examines how other agencies bring performance management into the decision-making process.

  • NCHRP 20-24(37)G - Technical Guidance for Deploying National Level Performance (.pdf, 8.2 mb)
    TRB - 12/08/2013
    The objectives of this research were to (1) recommend precise definitions for selected performance measures identified as potentially feasible and practical for early deployment nationwide, (2) recommend methodology and standards for collection and use of data to support reporting of performance using these measures for at least a state's National Highway System (NHS) roads, (3) articulate the issues to be resolved to enable nationwide deployment of these initial performance measures and suggest a deployment plan, and (4) consider how usable measures may be developed to address all nationally-important aspects of performance. The research team considered data collection and data quality control for nationally-deployed performance measures, performance calculation, and methods for performance target-setting across all goal areas, and how DOTs may use these measures to implement performance measurement and management.

8. Innovation

  • Scan It, Measure It, Manage It: Proactive Enforcement and Infrastructure Management with Mobile Terrestrial Lidar
    Data-Smart City Solutions - 12/08/2013
    For many cities, street infrastructure is the biggest asset. Interfacing mobile terrestrial LiDAR with municipal data is the newest innovation in proactive enforcement and infrastructure management. This innovation enables cities to cut costs, recover lost revenues, and deliver services proactively.

  • City Streets: Performance Ready
    Roads & Bridges - 12/08/2013
    Albuquerque uses ITS to meet MAP-21 requirements

    This article will explore how this can be done utilizing the integration of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) into the transportation-planning process at the Mid Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO) in Albuquerque, N.M.

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