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Transportation Performance Management

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April 2014

  1. Online Performance Dashboards
  2. Safety
  3. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars
  4. Performance Reports
  5. Performance Measures
  6. Transportation Performance Management Research
  7. Proposed Ruling
  8. TPM Guidance & Assistance

1. Online Performance Dashboards

2. Safety

  • Kansas City Regional Transportation Safety Blueprint, Destination Safe - Toward Zero Deaths — 2013-2017 (.pdf, 5 mb)
    Mid-America Regional Council — 04/13/2014
    Regional committees that make transportation funding recommendations will use this document to help identify and prioritize safety projects. Destination Safe will seek to prioritize funding to safety projects in the region that address a need identified in this document and that use a strategy presented in this document.

  • SHRP2 Safety Program Will Soon "Get to Work"
    TSP2 AASHTO — 04/13/2014
    The application process will begin on May 30 for several "Proof of Concept" pilot studies in a phased approach to be conducted by state DOTs along with their research partners.

  • NCHRP 764: Using Peer Exchanges to Improve the Effectiveness of Strategic Highway Safety Plans
    TRB — 04/13/2014

    This report contains guidance for state departments of transportation on how to plan and conduct state-level peer exchanges as a means for identifying strategies, tactics, and practices to improve implementation, evaluation, and updating of their Strategic Highway Safety Plans.

    NCHRP Report 764 also includes a flexible and easily adaptable template that agencies can use to plan and conduct in-person and virtual peer exchanges, as well as reference and supportive material designed to be useful to peer exchange organizers and participants.

  • FHWA: Safety Target Setting Final Report (June 2011 to December 2013) (.pdf, 2 mb)
    Cambridge Systematics, Inc — 04/13/2014
    This report is the product of several tasks conducted under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) project to develop a Compendium of State Performance Management Practices and Methodologies for Setting Safety Performance Targets. At project initiation the study team conducted an international literature review on fatality target setting practices to establish the state of the practice, particularly in countries with a strong history of advances in roadway safety. The study team also reviewed domestic literature on target setting practices both within and outside of the transportation sector.

  • FHWA Safety Program: Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Guide - Recommendations and Case Study
    FHWA — 04/13/2014
    Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is distinct from pre-timed traffic signals and constant flash warning beacons because it is only activated by pedestrians when needed.

3. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

  • 2014 North American Conference on Elderly Mobility
    NACEM — 04/13/2014

    Speakers will present in five key fields relating to elderly mobility:

    • Alternative Transportation
    • Infrastructure and Vehicles
    • Driver Education and Training
    • Driver Screening and Assessment
    • Housing and Land Use

    The conference includes a roadway demonstration of proven engineering countermeasures to improve safety and navigation for older drivers.

    Sunday, May 11-14, 2014 Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

  • Transportation Data Palooza: A Showcase of Innovative Technology Solutions
    GTMA — 04/13/2014

    June 2-4, 2014 — Hilton Reagan National Airport, Crystal City, VA

    This event is part of US DOT's efforts to be a central resource for transportation performance management tools, training, and noteworthy practices that assist agencies in implementing MAP-21 performance requirements

  • National Conference on Transportation Asset Management
    TRB — 04/13/2014

    The conference is expected to cover a broad range of topics on surface transportation modes of interest to agencies in the early stages of implementation of asset management as well as agencies that are in later stages of the implementation process

    April 28-30, 2014 - Miami, FL

  • 2014 TRB Tools of the Trade Transportation Conference: Planning for Small and Medium _Sized Communities
    — 04/13/2014
    July 21-23, 2014

    Burlington, Vermont

  • February 14th Archived Webinar: Quarterly Webinar for the National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS)
    FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations — 04/13/2014
    The FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations and other stakeholders are developing performance measures for freight transportation. Freight-specific performance measures help to identify needed transportation improvements and monitor their effectiveness. They also serve as indicators of economic health and traffic congestion.

  • NPRM Webinars/Webcasts (Archived Webcast recordings & presentations)
    FHWA — 04/13/2014

    Summary of Safety Performance Measures NPRM, 3/13/2014 Webcast

    Summary of Safety Performance Measures NPRM, 3/19 -2014 Webcast

4. Performance Reports

5. Performance Measures

6. Transportation Performance Management Research

  • Planning 2013
    TRB — 04/13/2014
    TRB's Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2397 consists of 17 papers that explore statewide multimodal planning; active transit management; linking land use and transportation goals; life-cycle environmental assessments; public engagement in transportation planning; transportation affordability; the travel of residents in smart growth neighborhoods; travel behavior and transit trip generation in transit-oriented developments; the causality between build environments and travel behavior; and the effects of fuel price and fuel economy on land use and transportation.

  • Partners in Performance Management: Findings from the Transportation Research Board's 2013 State Partnership Visits Program
    TRB — 04/13/2014
    Each year, TRB's Technical Activities Division staff visit state departments of transportation, as well as selected universities, transit and other modal agencies, and industry organizations, to determine the issues they are facing and how TRB can help in addressing those issues. In their annual state partnership visits in 2013, TRB senior program officers found that U.S. transportation organizations, leaders, and innovators are working to enhance the performance of transportation systems and services, fulfilling and complying with requirements in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.

  • Highway Safety Performance 2013
    TRB — 04/13/2014
    TRB's Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2398 consists of 12 papers that explore discontinuing late nighttime flash operations at signalized intersections; converting traffic signals from incandescent to led bulbs; the severity distribution functions for freeway segments; development of relationships between safety and congestion for urban freeways; safety effects of horizontal curve and grade combinations on rural two-lane highways; the spatial effects on zone-level collision prediction models; estimating annual average daily traffic for local roads; safety performance functions; the safety of channelized right-turn lanes for motor vehicles and pedestrians; and the influence of land use and driveway placement on safety performance of arterial highways.

  • Data and Performance Based Congestion Management Approach for Maryland Highways
    TRB — 04/13/2014
    This paper summarizes the findings of the Maryland State Highway (SHA) Mobility Report which evaluates the roadway transportation system operations and is utilized as a tool to assess annual progress with regard to the state's roadway network. With a focus on policies, programs and projects that systematically address both the recurring and non-recurring nature of congestion, the SHA has adopted a performance based approach to provide it's users with a high quality reliable highway system.

7. Proposed Ruling

  • Highway Safety Improvement Program
    Federal Register — 04/13/2014
    A Proposed Rule by the Federal Highway Administration. The notice seeks public comment through June 9. The proposed rule seeks to establish a new process by which state DOTs and MPOs assess injuries and fatalities, report progress in reaching safety targets, and how FHWA will evaluate such progress.

8. TPM Guidance & Assistance

  • Expanding and Streamlining of RTMD Freeway Network Performance Reporting Methodologies and Tools (.pdf, 14 mb)
    Minnesota Department of Transportation — 04/14/2014
    To provide MnDOT with timely performance information regarding the Twin Cities freeway network, a streamlined program was developed based on existing and new methodologies. The Highway Automated Reporting Tool (HART) utilizes a user-friendly interface for corridor, date, time, and report selection. Selected data are automatically examined to identify and correct errors and produce 'cleaned' data for use within each report.

  • TPM Technical Assistance Program
    FHWA — 04/13/2014
    FHWA is offering technical assistance on Transportation Performance Management (TPM) to State DOTs, MPOs, public transportation agencies, local governments, and other public entities. Any public authority or transportation entity may apply for technical assistance from the TPM- Technical Assistance Program.

  • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission: Utilizing Investment Scenarios to Enhance Transportation Performance (.pdf, 0.5 mb)
    FHWA — 04/13/2014
    In order to make the most of their limited funding DVRPC decided to dig deeper with their assessments by utilizing investment scenarios to see how various investment situations would affect their performance. Investment scenarios look at options to see how spending money in different ways impacts transportation performance. When running investment scenario, having a good data collection is key.

  • MAP 21 Performance Management Questions & Answers (Updated 3/21/2014)
    FHWA — 04/13/2014

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