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Transportation Performance Management

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April 2015

  1. Online Performance Dashboards
  2. Safety & Mobility
  3. Research & Technical Reports
  4. Transportation Asset Management & Planning
  5. Proposed Ruling
  6. Webinars, Education and Training
  7. Performance Measures & Reports

1. Online Performance Dashboards

  • States Perform Dashboard
    The Council of State Governments - 04/12/2015
    Measuring how well states are performing is increasingly important as states face shrinking revenues and rising demand for services. Citizens want and expect results from their governments, even in the face of fewer resources. Measuring performance and using performance data to strategically place resources are key to implementing the accountable, transparent and results-focused governance policies that citizens demand. Measuring performance is an essential tool of managing performance, providing the necessary information for informed, outcome-driven strategies.

    States Perform is an initiative of the Council of State Governments that provides users with access to interactive, customizable and up-to-date comparative performance measurement data for 50 states in six key areas: fiscal and economic, public safety and justice, energy and environment, transportation, health and human services, and education. Compare performance across a few or all states, profile one state, view trends over time, and customize your results with graphs and maps.

  • City of Fort Collins Community Performance Measurement Dashboard
    City of Fort Collins - 04/12/2015

  • City of Williamsburg, VA Performance Management Dashboard
    City of Williamsburg, VA - 04/12/2015

  • City of Phoenix's Monthly Performance Measurement Dashboard (.pdf, 1.1 mb)
    City of Phoenix - 04/12/2015
    The City Manager's Performance Measurement Dashboard is broken out into monthly reports.

    It was created to provide the Mayor, City Council and general public with comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about the City of Phoenix. It includes 27 key performance indicators that measure the city's health as well as recognizing potential inefficiencies. The data gathered can identify potential areas for improvement, allowing the city to make more informed decisions

  • Performance Seattle Dashboard
    City of Seattle - 04/12/2015
    City of Seattle's new performance dashboard. This site uses current data to monitor progress against the goals set for the future of the City of Seattle. The project is still in development and so will be expanded over the coming months to include all City departments.

2. Safety & Mobility

  • Evaluation of Pavement Safety Performance
    TRB - 04/12/2015
    The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has released a report that isolates the effects of various low-cost pavement treatments on roadway safety through analysis of both flexible and rigid pavement treatments.

  • Safer Streets, Stronger Economies (.pdf, 2.4 mb)
    Smart Growth America - 04/12/2015
    These findings are based on data collected directly by local transportation and economic development agencies as reported to Smart Growth America's National Complete Streets Coalition. The data showed that streets were usually safer after Complete Streets improvements than before.

  • This Clever Traffic Light Makes the City Safer for Pedestrians by … Dancing
    Big Think - 04/12/2015
    The traffic light projected the silhouettes of passersby dancing in real time in a specially designed booth, and was so entertaining that it reduced red-light crossing by 81%!

3. Research & Technical Reports

  • Performance Measures and Targets for Transportation Asset Management
    TRB - 04/12/2015
    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 551: Performance Measures and Targets for Transportation Asset Management describes the research effort associated with production of the report and provides the current state of practice on the use of performance measures, principally in the context of transportation asset management. In addition, the report introduces a framework for identifying performance measures and setting target values. The report appendixes contain examples of performance measures and targets. The report is designed to help transportation agencies apply the concepts of performance management to their asset management efforts.

  • U.S. DOT Research Hub Website
    USDOT, OST-R - 04/12/2015
    The U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R) has released the U.S. DOT Research Hub website, a searchable database of the latest agency-sponsored research, development, and technology projects. The database acts as a central location for information on projects funded by U.S. DOT operating administrations, provides access to the Department's research portfolio at the project level, and provides links to research reports and other products.

  • Successful Practices in GIS-Based Asset Management
    TRB - 04/12/2015
    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 800: Successful Practices in GIS-Based Asset Management provides guidance for state transportation agencies on using geographic information system (GIS) technologies in transportation asset management (TAM).

4. Transportation Asset Management & Planning

  • Planworks: Better Planning, better projects
    FHWA - 04/12/2015
    Systematic web-based resource that supports collaborative decision making to deliver projects that meet environmental, community, and mobility needs. PlanWorks is built around key decision points in long-range planning, programming, corridor planning, and environmental review. PlanWorks suggests when and how to engage cross-disciplinary partners and stakeholder groups.

  • Montana Department of Transportation Transplan 21
    Montana Department of Transportation - 04/12/2015
    The purpose of TranPlan 21 is to ensure that MDT continues to address customer priorities and that resources are directed to programs and projects that reflect those priorities. Updates or amendments to TranPlan 21 also give MDT the opportunity to ensure that TranPlan 21 provides policy direction to the Performance Programming Process (P3), MDT's asset based, fund allocation process.

  • Performance-based Planning and Programming in the Context of MAP-21: TPCB Workshop (.pdf, 1.2 mb)
    TPCB Peer Program - 04/12/2015
    This report highlights key recommendations and noteworthy practices identified at the workshop on "Performance-based Planning and Programming in the Context of MAP-21" held on March 6-7, 2014 in New York City, New York and via video teleconference. This event was sponsored by the Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB) Peer Program, which is jointly funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

5. Proposed Ruling

  • Transportation plans to require consideration of climate change
    Georgetown Climate Center - 04/12/2015
    On February 20, 2015, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would establish a process for state departments of transportation (state DOTs) to include consideration of climate change and extreme weather-related risks in the development of asset management plans, which are required under the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The proposed rule is open for comment until April 21, 2015.

6. Webinars, Education and Training

7. Performance Measures & Reports

  • New Report: Measuring What We Value
    Transportation for America - 04/12/2015
    This report and recommended framework looks at the innovative DOTs and MPOs experiencing early successes in measuring the performance of their transportation system and making investments based on getting the best bang for the buck, and also lays out smart recommended goals and measures from T4America for making this transition. Download available

  • State of the System: 2014 Report on Oregon's Transportation System
    ODOT - 04/12/2015
    Every two years the State of the System report provides key information about how Oregon's transportation system is performing in relation to the seven goals of the Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP). The report aims to increase awareness of the state's transportation assets and the significant trends and challenges affecting the system. The report provides a statewide high level look with emphasis on the portion of the system managed by the Oregon Department of Transportation

  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation MAPSS Performance Scorecard
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation - 04/12/2015
    The Wisconsin Department of Transportation MAPSS Performance Improvement program focuses on the five core goals and associated performance measures that guide us in achieving our mission "to provide leadership in the development and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system." Establishing goals and measuring results is essential to running a successful and efficient organization and meeting public expectations. The department is committed to quarterly reporting of progress, with updates published in February, May, August and November. The schedule for review and reporting on individual measures is based on pertinent program cycles, the availability of data and the department's business need for the information.

  • The Government Dashboard
    State of Maryland - 04/12/2015
    This Special Report details a response To the data deluge — the Government Dashboard. Dashboards — as well as business intelligence and performance metric calculations — help governments cut through the complex clutter of rows and columns, to provide a simple visual representation of actionable metrics, key performance indicators of agency performance and meaningful analysis.

  • MoDOT Tracker Measures of Performance
    MoDOT - 04/12/2015
    MoDOT's Tracker is a tool to assess how well they deliver services and products to their customers. Much like a GPS tracking system, this tool can only show the direction in which the department is headed.

  • MassDOT Innovation Technology Transfer Exchange (.pdf, 10.5 mb)
    MassDOT - 04/12/2015
    The GreenDOT Policy: Measuring Progress Toward Sustainability Goals

  • FDOT 2015 Transportation Performance Report (.pdf, 2.3 mb)
    Florida DOT - 04/12/2015
    Report covers Safety; System Performance; Roadways, Bridges; Freight; Transit; Air Quality

  • Coalition Publishes Complete Streets Evaluation Guide
    Civil + Structural Engineer - 04/12/2015
    It is a beginner's guide to performance measures for Complete Streets projects published by the National Complete Streets Coalition

  • NMDOT Tests New Contracting Plan
    ASCE - 04/12/2015
    The FHWA has approved a new measure that modifies project bids using a requalification score that can be earned by contractors for their performance on past jobs.

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