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Transportation Performance Management

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August 2015

  1. Performance Dashboards & Scorecards
  2. Safety & Mobility
  3. Transportation Planning
  4. Performance Measures & Reports
  5. Webinars, Education and Training
  6. Innovation
  7. Research & Technical Reports
  8. Federal Register Notice of Approval

1. Performance Dashboards & Scorecards

2. Safety & Mobility

  • Developing a Transportation Safety Plan
    FHWA - 08/12/2015
    A Transportation Safety Plan is a collaborative and comprehensive document that identifies transportation safety issues and strategies to address them.

    The Traffic Injury Research Foundation - 08/12/2015
    The Traffic Injury Research Foundation in Canada has released a report that discusses theories about road safety campaigns, including their overall effectiveness in affecting drinking and driving, distracted driving, seatbelt use, speeding, and vulnerable roadusers.

  • The Global Road Safety Review 2015
    World Highways - 08/12/2015
    World Highways has released the latest edition of its magazine that discusses major issues and key technology trends involving safety in road transportation.

  • Report: Roundtable helps DOT improve transportation safety data (.pdf, 382 kb)
    Center for Open Data Enterprise - 08/12/2015
    To shelp DOT better understand how we can improve our surface transportation safety data, we worked with the Center for Open Data Ente rprise to hold an Open Data Roundtable last March. The Center has released its report on that Roundtable.

  • Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Maryland Traffic Safety Plan (.pdf, 1.87 mb)
    US DOT & VOLPE - 08/12/2015
    This Baltimore-Washington Parkway Traffic Safety Plan provides an action plan to implement improvements related to the proven strategies that employ the "4Es" of transportation safety: engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency services.

3. Transportation Planning

  • Bridge Vertical Clearance Trip Planner
    WSDOT - 08/12/2015
    With this application, you can: l. Enter your vehicle height up to 16 feet 2. See bridges on, or over state routes that will not clear your load 3. See bridges on, or over state routes that will clear your load if the maximum clearance lane is chosen 4. Obtain more detailed information about specific bridges and under crossings with clearance restrictions

  • 2015 Transportation Planning Excellence Award Winners
    FHWAHEP - 08/12/2015
    The Transportation Planning Excellence Awards Program (TPEA) is a biennial awards program developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and co-sponsored by the American Planning Association. The program provides a unique opportunity torecognize and celebrate the outstanding transportation planning practices performed by planners and decision makers in communities across thecountry.

  • Let's Ride!
    Public Roads - 08/12/2015
    FHWA has published a guidebook on planning and designing separated bike lanes-innovative bicycle facilities that are being implemented in communities throughout the country.

4. Performance Measures & Reports

  • Ozarks Transportation Organization Annual Report Performance Measures 2015 (released June 2015) (.pdf, 374 kb)
    Ozarks Transportation Organization - 08/12/2015
    The Ozarks Transportation Organization, MO long range transportation plan, Journey 2035, sets forth performance measures as a way for OTO to monitor the success of the Plan and the continued transportation-related activities of the OTO and its jurisdictions. Eleven performance measures were identified with targets for 2035. This report highlights current progress on each measure.

  • City of Austin, Texas's DOT Performance Measures
    City of Austin,TX - 08/12/2015

  • Resource Tool from Washington State Auditor's Office for Performance Management Self-Assessment
    Washington State Auditor's Office - 08/12/2015
    This tool is provided by the State Auditor's Office, Performance Audit Division,for organizations to assess how they are currently managing their performance. You can access an excel version of the tool by clicking the download button or click here for an online version. For organizations that are just beginning their performance management journey, visit our "Where do I start?" page for a list of "starter" resource recommendations.

  • The Mile Marker: A Caltrans Performance Report
    California Department of Transportation - 08/12/2015
    Debut of new performance measures, including data on use of active transportation, on-time intercity rail trips, as well as cyclist and pedestrian fatality rates.

5. Webinars, Education and Training

  • Let's Talk Performance: Telling the Performance Story
    FHWA, Office of Transportation Performance Management - 08/12/2015
    FHWA Office of Transportation Performance Management Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 3:30PM (EDT) The Federal Highway Administration, in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration and several national stakeholder groups, would like you to join us for the next Let's Talk Performance: Telling the Performance Story. This event is open to FHWA and FTA staff, State DOTs, MPOs, transit providers, and other stakeholder agencies. This webinar is the last in a series of six webinars focused on transportation performance management implementation activities.

  • NHI Web-based Training: Performance-Based Management of Highway Bridges
    The Performance-based Management of Bridges course uses video-based testimonies from transportation professionals to illustrate the ways in which their agencies have used performance-based management to estimate the cost-effectiveness of decisions and assess risk.

6. Innovation

7. Research & Technical Reports

  • NCHRP Report 811: Institutionalizing Safety in Transportation Planning Processes: Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies
    TRB - 08/12/2015
    Report 811 provides field-tested guidance on institutionalizing the integration of safety into transportation planning and programming processes. The guidebook also provides ways to measure the effectiveness and success of integration efforts

  • NCFRP Report 33: Improving Freight System Performance in Metropolitan Areas: A Planning Guide
    TRB - 08/12/2015
    Planning Guide outlines potential strategies and practical solutions for public and private stakeholders to improve freight movement system performance in diverse metropolitan areas.

  • Improving Freight Crash Incident Management
    TRB - 08/12/2015
    The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has released a report that determines ways of mitigating the effect of freight crash incidents on Louisiana freeways by reviewing incident management strategies from other states and those published in the literature.

  • Review of NHTSA's Efforts in Investigating Vehicle Safety Concerns
    TRB - 08/12/2015
    The U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Inspector General has released a report that assesses the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA's) procedures for collecting vehicle safety data, analyzing the data and identifying potential safety issues, and determining which issues warrant further investigation.

  • NCHRP Synthesis 479: Forecasting Transportation Revenue Sources: Survey of State Practices
    TRB - 08/12/2015
    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis479: Forecasting Transportation Revenue Sources: Survey of State Practices documents current and proposed forecasting methodologies, as well as shortcomings of methods as reported by state departments of transportation (DOTs) .The report also includes information about the types of revenue being forecasted, and how satisfied DOTs have been by the accuracy of their projections.

  • NCHRP Report 810: Consideration of Preservation in Pavement Design and Analysis Procedures (.pdf, 2.17 mb)
    TRB - 08/12/2015
    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 810: Consideration of Preservation in Pavement Design and Analysis Procedure explores the effects of preservation on pavement performance and servicelife and describes three different approaches for considering these effects in pavement design and analysis procedures. The report may serve as a basis for developing procedures for incorporating preservation in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide: A Manual of Practice (MEPDG) and the AASHTOW are Pavement ME Design software.

8. Federal Register Notice of Approval

  • Notice of Request for Approval of a New Information Collection
    Federal Register - 08/12/2015
    Comment Period ends 8/24/2015. Overview: Under the " National Transportation Performance Management (TPM) Implementation Review, TPM State-of-Practice Questionnaires, and TPM Toolbox " information collection request, the FHWA will collect information on the current state of the practice, data, methods, and systems used by state, metropolitan, regional, local, and /or tribal transportation entities to support their TPM processes in accordance with MAP-21 §§ 1106, 1112-1113, 1201-1203; 23 U.S.C.119, 134-135, and 148-150. This information will also be used to develop and deliver existing and future Federal Highway Programs through successful partnerships, value-added stewardship, and risk-based oversight.

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