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Transportation Performance Management

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October 2015

  1. Performance Dashboards & Scorecards
  2. Safety & Mobility
  3. Transportation Planning
  4. Performance Measures & Reports
  5. Asset Management
  6. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars
  7. Innovation
  8. Research & Technical Reports

1. Performance Dashboards & Scorecards

  • Transnet Dashboard
    TransNet, SANDAG - 10/14/2015
    Progress continues on transportation projects in the San Diego region in large part because of TransNet, the county's half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. SANDAG, and its transportation partners, have created the TransNet Dashboard to keep the public informed on the status of TransNet projects. The TransNet Dashboard is also used as a project and program management tool. The TransNet Dashboard provides up-to-date schedule, budget, and expenditure information.

  • Portland Bureau of Transportation Progress Dashboard
    Portland Bureau of Transportation - 10/14/2015

  • Transportation Improvement Board Performance Management Dashboard
    TIB, State of Washington - 10/14/2015
    TIB is an independent state agency, created by the Legislature, that distributes and manages street construction and maintenance grants to 320 cities and urban counties throughout Washington State.

2. Safety & Mobility

  • Safety Compass Newletter: Fall 2015 (.pdf, 382 kb)
    FHWA Office of Safety - 10/14/2015
    The newsletter covers program delivery, best practices, research, training, regulations, and legislation designed to help improve and establish a more productive national and local safety program.

  • Smarter Work Zones
    FHWA Office of Operations - 10/14/2015
    While several options are available to establish efficient work zones, the EDC-3 Smarter Work Zones effort focuses on two strategies: road project coordination and technology applications, especially queue management and speed management.

  • New California Active Transportation Safety Information Pages Website
    Berkley - 10/14/2015
    Online Resource with a more visual and engaging approach toward presenting the latest and most useful online resources to encourage and promote safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized road users in California. California Active Transportation Safety Information Pages replaces the former site as SafeTREC's main engine for getting word out about active transportation news.

  • Cobb County, Ga.'s New Website Shares Commute Data with Drivers
    GovTech - 10/14/2015
    Cobbcommute.org provides drivers with real-time information about congestion, travel speeds and road closures on the county's arterial roads.

3. Transportation Planning

4. Performance Measures & Reports

  • Announcing a new academy for local leaders who want to dig in on performance measures for transportation
    Transportation for America - 10/14/2015
    In partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA),T4America is announcing a new yearlong training academy for metro regions that are hoping to learn more about the emerging practice of performance measurement, and applications are open now. Applications are due on November 13th.

  • Washington State Department of Transportation: The Gray Notebook (.pdf, 5.6 mb)
    WSDOT- 10/14/2015
    WSDOT's quarterly performance report on transportation systems, programs, and department management for the quarter ending June 30, 2015. Published August 2015

  • Mile Marker—A CalTrans Performance Report: Third Quarter 2015
    CalTrans - 10/14/2015
    The California Department of Transportation has released its quarterly newsletter that discusses its activities and research. This edition focuses on innovations and improvements in the transportation sector by looking at performance data.

5. Asset Management

  • Economic Sustainability of Inner City Streets: A Collaborative Sustainable Asset Management Transportation System Model (.pdf, 420 kb)
    The Midwest Transportation Center - 10/14/2015
    The Midwest Transportation Center at Iowa State University has released a report that focuses on the development of a sustainable asset management transportation system model, focusing on inner-city road conditions related to municipal asset allocation in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Taking Infrastructure Asset Management to the Next Level
    GovTech - 10/14/2015
    Successfully executing this balancing act while managing a constantly aging asset portfolio including: Roads and highways, Bridges and structures, Street lighting and signage, Street furniture, Property and buildings, Drainage and storm water, Parks and green spaces. All of these represent challenges that asset management professionals face on a daily basis.

  • Total Count and Deck Area of Highway Bridges by State
    FHWA - 10/14/2015
    Interactive Version

6. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

  • Advancing Freight Fluidity Performance Measures Workshop
    TRB - 10/14/2015
    December 9-10, 2015 -This Freight Fluidity Performance Measurements Implementation workshop will consist of a focused group of supply chain, logistics, and freight experts from industry, academia, and the public sector to identify the best practices for implementing an initial set of freight fluidity performance measurements in the United States.

  • Webinar - Beyond Traffic 2045 Reimagining Transportation
    VOLPE - 10/14/2015
    Volpe, the National Transportation Systems Center, is sponsoring a speaker series to delve into the trends that will transform transportation. Join via webinar on 9/30, 10/7, 10/20, 11/5, 11/12, 11/17, 11/24, and 12/1.

  • NACTO Designing Cities Conference: Austin 2015
    NATCO - 10/14/2015
    October 28-31, 2015 in Austin, Texas. The Designing Cities conference convenes transportation leaders and practitioners from across the country to discuss key trends in urban street design and transportation policy.

  • 2016 TRB Annual Meeting
    TRB - 10/14/2015
    Register online by November 30 to take advantage of lower fees and to obtain a hotel guest room.The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 95th Annual Meeting will be held January 10-14, 2016, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C. The information-packed program is expected to attract more than 12,000 transportation professionals from around the world.The meeting program will cover all transportation modes, with more than 5,000 presentations in nearly 750 sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to all attendees-policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. A number of sessions and workshops will focus on the spotlight theme for the 2016 TRB Annual Meeting, Research Convergence for a Multi-Modal Future.

  • 2015 AMPO Annual Conference
    AMPO - 10/14/2015
    Clark County, Nevada- October 20-23, 2015. The AMPO Annual Conference brings together MPO staff, Policy Board members, federal and state employees, and consultants to share information on a variety of MPO issues.

  • TRB Webinar: Sustainability as an Organizing Principle for Transportation Agencies
    TRB - 10/14/2015
    TRB will conduct a webinar on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 from 1:00PM to 2:30PM ET that will discuss NCHRP Report 750: Strategic Issues Facing Transportation, Volume 4: Sustainability as an Organizing Principle for Transportation Agencies. This report investigates what it would mean for a transportation agency to be organized around supporting a more sustainable society, and offers a model for illustrating how an agency might progress from the short term focus to a longer term holistic approach to service delivery as measured across the Triple-Bottom Line (TBL) of Economy, Environment and Social Factors. This webinar will summarize the Volume 4 effort and offer insight about its utility in real world applications.

  • TAM ETG Webinar #6: Integrating Asset Management into Agency Processes
    FHWA - 10/14/2015
    Wed, Jan 13, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST - In most agencies, TAM represents a new way of doing business, linking strategic, tactical, and operational plans through performance-based investment decisions. For TAM to be more than just a 'fad' it is important that the principles of asset management are embraced at all levels of an organization. In this webinar, transportation agency representatives will share successes and challenges they have faced as they have integrated asset management into their business processes.

  • 2016 Transportation Leadership Academy on Performance Measures Q&A Webinar
    Transportation for America - 10/14/2015
    October 21, 2015 - 2:00 pm -3:00 pm EDT - Learn more about this year-long leadership training program that will educate local business, civic, elected leaders, and practitioners at the early stages of performance measure development, and will prepare participants to act on opportunities within their communities while plugging them into a dynamic national network of like-minded leaders throughout the country.

7. Innovation

8. Research & Technical Reports

    Oregon Department of Transportation - 10/14/2015
    The Oregon Department of Transportation has released a report that explains a smartphone application designed to collect cyclists' routes, users, and comfort levels by combining GPS route data with results from surveys of cyclists.

  • NCHRP Report 809: Environmental Performance Measures for State Departments of Transportation (.pdf, 6 mb)
    TRB - 10/14/2015
    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 809: Environmental Performance Measures for State Departments of Transportation identifies potential environmental performance measures that may be integrated into a transportation agency's performance management program. The report explores relationships between agency activities and environmental outcomes. A spreadsheet-based "Measure Calculation Tool" helps transportation agencies implement performance measures that were outlined in the report. The tool can be used to record the component data needed to calculate the measures.

  • Best Practices and Performance Assessment for Preventive Maintenance Treatments for Virginia Pavements (.pdf, 1 mb)
    Virginia DOT - 10/14/2015
    The Virginia Department of Transportation has released a report that outlines guidelines for implementing a preventive maintenance policy for bituminous pavements by using a district-level treatment selection tool to facilitate the decision-making process.

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