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Transportation Performance Management

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February 2016

  1. Performance Dashboards
  2. Safety, Mobility, Congestion
  3. Asset Management
  4. Research, Technical Reports, Guides
  5. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars
  6. Performance Measures & Reports
  7. Innovation

1. Performance Dashboards

  • States Should Kill the Annual Report, Here's Why
    GovTech- 02/15/2016
    Such relics of a paper-based world are no longer the best option for an increasingly digital government. Dashboards offer an alternative to annual reports because they provide users access to the most recent information on government programs and allow them to explore and analyze the data available.

  • MAG Transportation Performance Dash Board
    The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) - 02/15/2016
    This performance measurement web based tool provides access to all performance measures developed by MAG in 2008 and 2009. Measures are based on multi-modal observed data on a system and corridor scale. This tool will serve as the current and future repository of MAG's Performance Measurement Program. New measures and performance analysis will be posted in the sites as new data becomes available. This tool is linked internally to the MAG Transportation Data Management System.

  • Colorado DOT Performance Dash Board
    Colorado DOT - 02/15/2016

2. Safety, Mobility, Congestion

  • Safety, Data, Analysis, and Evaluation 2015
    TRB Transportation Research Record Journal - 02/15/2016
    Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2514, explores 19 papers related to safety data, analysis, and evaluation in the transportation sector

  • FHWA INNOVATOR: Smarter Work Zone Strategies Promote Safety and Efficiency
    FHWA - 02/15/2016
    The District Department of Transportation developed a work zone tool to streamline project coordination and improve traffic mobility in the nation's capital.

  • An Assessment of Traffic Safety Culture: Exploring Traffic Safety Citizenship
    Montana Department of Transportation - 02/15/2016
    The Montana Department of Transportation has released a report that identifies various prosocial behaviors to inform the traffic safety citizenship model used for the Vision Zero strategy.

  • Employing Social Media for Safety Campaign
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - 02/15/2016
    PennDOT Slow 4Z Social Media Posts and Tracking Results. Social media posts were shared during National Work Zone Awareness week, with the goal of encouraging safe driving around work zones.

3. Asset Management

  • Florida Department Of Transportation Asset Management Plan (.pdf, 1 mb)
    FDOT - 02/15/2016

4. Research, Technical Reports, Guides

  • Pocket Guide to Transportation
    RITA - 02/15/2016
    The Pocket Guide to Transportation is a compilation of statistics that provide key information on the U.S. transportation system and highlight major trends. Intended as a compact reference

  • Innovation through Research Partnerships (.pdf, 6 kb)
    MDOT - 02/15/2016
    MDOT's participation in multi-state research through the National Transportation PooledFund (TPF) Program is a small part of MDOT's research investment, but one that yields significant re-sults. By pooling funds with other states to solve high-priority shared problems, MDOT is able to develop innovations and efficiencies at less cost than going it alone.

  • NCHRP Synthesis 485 Pre-Publication Draft - Converting Paved Roads to Unpaved (.pdf, 34 mb)
    TRB - 02/15/2016
    The report explores how common and under what conditions paved roads are converted to unpaved.

  • Pavement Management, 2015: Volume 3
    TRB - 02/15/2016
    TRB's Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2525, explores 13 papers related to pavement management

  • Presentations: Overview of Highway Provisions in the FAST Act
    FHWA - 02/15/2016
    Key Highway Provisions

  • Transportation Performance Management Research Roadmap
    TPM-portal.com - 02/15/2016
    The Transportation Performance Management (TPM) Research Roadmap is a tool to identify and organize completed, needed, and future research efforts surrounding TPM issues and approaches. This online research portal will enable increased coordination between research teams and AASHTO or TRB panel partners. Researchers and practitioners alike can use the portal to help identify challenges and opportunities associated with data collection, data management, and analysis methodologies to support preparation of national-level transportation system performance information.

5. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

  • 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management
    TRB - 02/15/2016
    July 10-12, 2016, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 11th National Transportation Asset Management Conference will cover a broad range of topics on surface transportation modes of interest to agencies in all stages of implementation of asset management practices. Themes will include comprehensive implementation within and across organizations, establishing and monitoring asset management plans, performance measures for asset management, tools and technology to assist decision making, transit state of good repair, and adaptation of transportation to extreme weather events and climate change. This meeting will serve as the forum for moving MAP-21 asset management initiatives into practice and will be the venue for a wide range of federal, state, MPO/local, and transit agencies, as well as private sector practitioners and university researchers to share knowledge, sponsor peer to peer learning, and work together.

  • Innovations in Travel Modeling
    TRB - 02/15/2016
    May 1-4, 2016, Denver, Colorado |The event will facilitate sharing information and experiences on current models and modeling research. The conference will also explore the integration of social factors, land-use, transportation supply, and technology into the modeling

6. Performance Measures & Reports

  • Idaho Transportation Department releases Report on 2015 activities (.pdf, 17 mb)
    Idaho Transportation Department - 02/15/2016
    2015 annual report reflects the accomplishments of ITD as they continue their mission of improving safety, mobility and economic opportunity for Idaho road users and taxpayers

  • 2015-16 CDOT Performance Plan (.pdf, 2 mb)
    Colorado Department of Transportation - 02/15/2016
    Described in this document are selected one- and three-year Strategic Policy Initiatives; strategies and processes supporting those initiatives; output and outcome measures indicating performance levels; and a description of the environment, inputs and the customer of each initiative. This document is a December 2015 resubmission of the plan CDOT initially submitted in July 2015. The resubmitted draft includes two additional Strategic Policy Initiatives, for a total of four. In addition, the Department under new executive management in June 2015 began developing a new strategic framework.

  • Caltrans Work Groups for Performance and Human Resources
    Caltrans - 02/15/2016
    Adopting a new mission was a critical step toward aligning Caltrans with state transportation planning and policy goals and better serving all Californians. This key change helps focus everyone at Caltrans on improved department performance, employee accountability and communications, but draft a new mission was only the first step in this expansive reform effort. Five workgroups have been formed to implement much broader reforms in the areas of: (1) performance and human resources, (2) smart investments. (3) strategic partnerships, (4) innovation and risk, and (5) communication. During the last 12 months, these teams have made tremendous progress, but there is still much more to come.

7. Innovation

  • An Infrastructure Startup for All Those Crumbling Roads
    CityLab - 02/15/2016
    TotalPave gathers reliable street-quality data with nothing but a smartphone. . TotalPave won the 2016 TRB Six Minute Pitch competition, an annual contest for transportation startups

  • Building a Blockbuster Bridge
    Informed Infrastructure - 02/15/2016
    Alabama DOT Paves Way for Dramatic Traffic Improvement in Mobile, AL. The visualization team created a 3D conceptual model of the entire proposed project with realistic renderings and animations of the driving experience

  • Grant will add innovative monitoring technology to I-15 bridges
    AZDOT - 02/15/2016
    Federal Highway Administration provides $768,000 for ADOT project

    CTDOT - 02/15/2016
    'Bridge-in-a-Backpack' Technique Saves Time, Reduces Costs and Minimizes Traffic Disturbance

  • FDOT Transportation Innovation Challenge (.pdf, 200 kb)
    FDOT - 02/15/2016
    The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) continually strives to enhance all areas of its operations. In support of these efforts, the department recently moved into a bold new era for innovative ideas, research and accelerated implementation. Success will depend on their ability to carefully evaluate or implement the products and services provided to the users of Florida's transportation system. FDOT's goal is to utilize newly developed technology or employ creative thinking to generate greater value for every transportation dollar invested. This document records the responses from their Transportation Innovation Challenge Survey

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