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Transportation Performance Management

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August 2016

  1. Performance Dashboards
  2. Safety, Mobility, Congestion
  3. Asset Management
  4. Research, Technical Reports, Guides
  5. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars
  6. Performance Measures & Reports
  7. Proposed & Final Rulings
  8. Planning

1. Performance Dashboards

  • Wyoming DOT Overall Dashboard
    Wyoming DOT - 08/12/2016
    The dashboard shows strategic performance improvements for agency's goals

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Dashboard
    MBTA - 08/12/2016
    The MBTA Performance Dashboard website contains metrics for Bus, Subway, Commuter Rail reliability, ridership, and operating budgets

  • Los Angeles's Street Wize
    Streetwize.lacity.org - 08/12/2016
    Los Angeles's tool Streetwize shares real-time information with public and multiple city departments. City employees can go online and see whether the road they want to repave is already scheduled to be torn up soon for some other reason, like replacing a sewer pipe.

  • Vital Signs
    The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) - 08/12/2016
    Vital Signs is the San Francisco Bay Area's comprehensive performance monitoring tool, tracking regional, local, and national performance trends across transportation, land use, the economy, and the environment.

2. Safety, Mobility, Congestion

  • NYC DOT Lays Out a Strategy to Make Left Turns Less Dangerous
    StreetsBlog NYC - 08/12/2016
    In 2015, drivers turning left accounted for 30 percent of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries in New York City — three times the share caused by right turns

  • New York City 2016 Mobility Report
    NYC Department of Transportation - 08/12/2016
    New York City is currently hosting the highest number of residents, jobs, and tourists in its history. In other words, there has never been more demand for transportation.

  • Safety Edge
    FHWA - 08/12/2016
    Pavement edge drop-off on highways has been linked to many serious crashes, including fatal collisions. To mitigate vertical drop-offs, FHWA advocates installing the Safety EdgeSM on pavements during paving or resurfacing projects.

  • Road Diet Frequently Asked Questions
    FHWA - 08/12/2016
    A Road Diet is roadway reconfiguration used to increase safety and livability at a low cost.

  • Texas A&M's Campus Transportation Technology Initiative Moves Forward
    GovTech - 08/12/2016
    The university has released a Request for Information to improve campus transportation as it relates to safety, mobility and efficiency for all the different people who use it.

  • Memphis Synchronizes Traffic Signals to Reduce Congestion
    GovTech - 08/12/2016
    Thanks to the 120 miles of fiber-optic cable connecting traffic signals in Memphis, commuters are much more likely to hit a series of green intersections.

3. Asset Management

  • Asset Management
    TSP2, AASHTO - 08/12/2016
    Bridge Preservation Presentations

  • Utah 2016 Transportation Asset Management Plan
    UDOT - 08/12/2016
    To improve the strong efforts already made with bridges and pavement,UDOT is reconfirming existing asset management strategies and providing a comprehensive view of the asset management process.

  • Integrating Asset Management Plans into Transportation Agency Processes: Briefing Paper
    TAM ETG - 08/12/2016
    Asset management plans intersect with many other functions, stakeholder groups, and agency processes because of their large scope, great complexity, and long horizons. A state transportation asset management plan (TAMP) must assess tens of thousands of separate transportation assets.

  • Georgia Department of Transportation- 2014-2018 Transportation Asset Management Plan
    Georgia Department of Transportation - 08/12/2016
    Effective transportation asset management requires a thorough knowledge of the inventory and condition of assets, lifecycle costs, strategic goals and objectives as well as data on how assets are performing in response to stakeholder demand. Most importantly, transportation funds need to be utilized and allocated with responsible stewardship and maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Research, Technical Reports, Guides

  • Preliminary Investigation: Performance-Based Budgeting for Maintenance Activites
    Caltrans Division of Research, Innovation and System Information - 08/12/2016
    Caltrans’ Division of Maintenance sought information about the tools and practices used by other state departments of transportation (DOTs) to allocate resources to maintenance activities based on performance-based needs.

  • How SafeTrack has impacted traffic on area roadways so far
    TPB News - 08/12/2016
    Analysts at the TPB have examined hour-by-hour traffic patterns on area roadways during the first four “safety surges” of DC Metro’s aggressive, yearlong SafeTrack maintenance program. The analysis reveals some noteworthy impacts that could help traffic management agencies, transit providers, employers, and daily commuters plan for future disruptions.

  • Shared Mobility and the Transformation
    TRB - 08/12/20166
    TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 188: Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit examines the relationship of public transportation (including paratransit and demand-responsive services) to shared modes, including bikesharing, carsharing, microtransit, and ridesourcing services provided by companies such as Uber and Lyft. The report examines issues and explores opportunities and challenges as they relate to technology-enabled mobility services, including suggesting ways that transit can learn from, build upon, and interface with these new modes.

5. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

  • Webinar Recordings from Performance Summit 2016 for Transportation Partners
    Florida DOT - 08/12/2016
    The Florida Department of Transportation hosted the first "Performance Summit for Transportation Partners" in May, 2016. The Summit was comprised of several highly interactive topical webinars. The objective was to obtain valued input from partners on the performance aspects of plans and programs spanning all modes of transportation.

  • TRB Webinar: Guide to 21st Century Planning at State Departments of Transportation
    TRB - 08/12/2016
    TRB will conduct a webinar on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET that features research from National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 798: Role of Planning in a 21st Century State DOT - Supporting Strategic Decision-Making. This webinar will provide guidance on how the planning function in a state DOT can more effectively support future strategic decisionmaking. The presenters will provide an overview of the 21st Century Planning Guide, review the skills and knowledge needed for a 21st century planner, and discuss how the guide can connect agency planning decision to results.

  • The National Work Zone Management Conference
    ARTBA - 08/12/2016
    September 20-22, 2016 | Springfield, VA 22150 | The Workzone Management Conference is free for all attendees; $100 fee covers only your breakfast and lunch each day.

  • TRB Webinar: Developing In-Stream Flow Control Structure Guidance Combining Field, Laboratory, and Numerical Experiments
    TRB - 08/12/2016
    TRB will conduct a webinar on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET that discusses research from National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 795: Design Methods for In-Stream Flow Control Structures. In-stream flow control structures are used to limit lateral migration and reduce bank erosion

  • TRB Partners in Research Symposium: Transformational Technologies
    TRB - 08/12/2016
    Detroit, MI | October 31 - November 1, 2016 | New technologies have the potential to transform transportation as we know it. Public agencies are being challenged to facilitate the deployment of these technologies in a manner and timeframe that will lead to improved safety, reduced congestion, enhanced sustainability, and economic development. Technologies that are expected to be addressed include connected and automated vehicles, shared-use mobility services, smart cities and the internet-of-things, unmanned aircraft systems, NextGen, big data and cyber security, and alternate fueled vehicles.

    TRB COMMITTEE ADA30 - 08/12/2016
    Charleston, South Carolina | September 12-14, 2016 | The conference will focus on economical, ready-to-use, and practical tools and techniques designed to help transportation professionals in planning and programming multi-modal transportation facilities in small- and medium-sized communities. The conference will also discuss future research and implementation needs related to transportation planning for small- and medium-sized communities.

6. Performance Measures & Reports

  • Tracker: Measures of Departmental Performance (July 2016)
    MoDot - 08/12/2016
    Report shows tangible results and serves as a tool to assess how well MoDot deliver services and products

7. Proposed & Final Rulings

8. Planning

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