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Transportation Performance Management


FHWA offers a number of options for practitioners to develop skills needed to meet the requirements of Transportation Performance Management (TPM).

Available Now

  • NHI 138005 - Transportation Performance Management Overview for the MAP-21 and FAST Acts (Web based Training)
    • This 1.5-hour Web-based Training (WBT) course presents an overview of the Transportation Performance Management (TPM) provisions of MAP-21 and FAST, describes the responsibilities that agencies at various levels (Federal, State, and MPO) have in delivering these requirements, and captures best practices in use today that can help agencies get started on meeting the requirements. More information on NHI 138005.

  • NHI 138008 - TPM for Bridges
    • This one-day Instructor-led Training course offered by NHI, the authoritative source in transportation training, begins with an overview of key performance management concepts. It then reviews performance measures defined for assessing and reporting bridge performance. Finally, the course details how to set and report bridge performance targets and assess performance against agency targets. The main goals of the course are to provide agency staff with the skills and abilities to use the national bridge performance management measures to assess bridge condition, establish bridge performance targets, report bridge performance, and assess progress toward achieving bridge performance targets in compliance with the TPM requirements in 23 CFR 490. Sign up for session alerts, or host this course.

  • NHI 138009 - Transportation Performance Management for Pavements
    • This one-day, instructor-led training course offered by NHI reviews concepts in Transportation Performance Management (TPM), identifies specific measures used for characterizing pavement conditions, and provides methods for analyzing and recommending pavement condition targets and approaches for monitoring pavement networks. The final portion of the course focuses on performance monitoring and approaches for updating performance targets over time. The main goal of the course is to provide agency staff with the skills and abilities to use the national measures to assess pavement condition, establish pavement condition targets, and report and evaluate pavement performance over time. Sign up for session alerts, or host this course.

  • NHI 138011 - The Role of Data in Transportation Performance Management
    • This two-day course begins with an overview of data management. It then details each part of the data supply chain, covering common needs, considerations, and challenges. It also covers issues related to data assessment and data improvement planning. Upon completion, participants will be able to describe TPM data analysis needs for system performance measure areas; list data requirements related to the use of performance projections for target setting; identify common data quality issues and existing gaps along with techniques for addressing them, and develop a data management and improvement plan. The primary audience comprises entry- to mid-level data managers and analysts with TPM-related responsibilities at State DOT, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and national organizations as well as FHWA employees. Sign up for session alerts, or host this course

  • NHI 138012 - Effective Target Setting for TPM
    Target Setting
    • This two-day course explains the elements of target setting and how to establish reasonable, attainable performance targets. Upon completion, participants will be able to explain the key steps and factors in target setting; set targets; identify coordination needs; identify key stakeholder roles; and identify effective communication strategies. The primary audience comprises program managers, planners, and engineers responsible for target setting and transportation plans at State DOT, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), regional transit agencies, and employees at FHWA and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) who provide oversight for and assistance with target setting. Sign up for session alerts, or host this course.

  • NHI 138013 - Effective Target Setting for Transportation Performance Management (Web based Training)
    • This 6.5-hour Web-based Training (WBT) course supports the larger objective of helping State DOTs and MPOs understand how to implement performance management principles by teaching how to develop and set performance targets that will support progress toward an agency's strategic goals. This course answers the question, "How do I set targets?" by providing an in-depth review of the steps necessary. More information on NHI-138013.

  • Safety Performance Management Training Video
    • The 28-minute video serves as a comprehensive review of FHWA's Safety Performance Measures Final Rule for State DOTs, State Highway Safety Offices, MPOs and other safety stakeholders. To view it, visit the Safety Performance Management web page and click on "Safety Performance Management Training Video" under Informational Webinars.

  • NHI 138006 - Transportation Performance Management (TPM) for Safety
    Screen shot of Fars website
    • This two-day course explains the safety performance measures and noteworthy practices for States to adopt to comply with the Moving Ahead with Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act requirements. It recommends an evidence-based and data-driven methodology for target establishment and provides an understanding of the data needed. The course also helps improve participants' ability to set targets. Participants are encouraged to have a foundational knowledge of transportation performance management or to have taken MAP-21 Transportation Performance Management Overview (Including FAST Act Updates) (NHI-138004; see below). Sign up for session alerts, or host this class.

      In addition to TPM for Safety, TPM-related fact sheets, webinars and other materials from the FHWA Office of Safety are available online.

  • NHI 138007 - Performance-based Planning and Programming
    Performance-Based Planning and Programming chart
    • This two-day course familiarizes transportation agencies with the key elements of a performance-based planning and programming (PBPP) framework; how PBPP supports TPM; and how both PBPP and TPM relate to the requirements for transportation planning and transportation system performance. The course is recommended for transportation professionals at State DOT, MPOs, regional planning organizations (RPOs), transit agencies and USDOT who are responsible for developing and implementing performance-based plans and programs and those who are responsible for integrating and linking related requirements. Participants should have knowledge of the planning process and the collaboration needed for it. Sign up for session alerts, or host this course.

  • NHI 138004 - TPM Overview for the MAP-21 and FAST Acts
    Screen shot of MAP-21 TPM Elements
    • This one-day course provides a basic  overview of TPM provisions of MAP-21 and the FAST act; describes the responsibilities that agencies—federal state, metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), regional transportation planning organizations (RTPO) and transit—have in delivering these requirements; highlights data's importance in meeting performance management provisions; and shares noteworthy practices. The course is highly recommended for those interested in taking more detailed system-specific TPM implementation training. Sign up for session alerts, or host this course.

In Development

  • NHI 138010 - TPM for Congestion (Including Freight) (blended delivery; coming in spring 2018)
Updated: 08/03/2018
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