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Tribal Transportation Planning
The FHWA Tribal Transportation Planning Program delivers products and services that provide information, training, and technical assistance to the transportation professionals responsible for planning for the capital, operating, and maintenance needs on Tribal lands.

Tribal Transportation Planning Capacity Building
The Tribal Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program is designed to help decision makers, transportation officials, and staff resolve the increasingly complex issues faced when addressing transportation needs in their communities as related to tribal governments.

Tribal Transportation Peer Reports, Tribal Transportation Planning Capacity Building
As part of its commitment to sharing best practices and technical resources, TPCB program staff attend each peer event to develop final reports as a resource for other planners around the country. Peer reports highlight key issues and lessons learned during each event, and they provide contact information for follow-up with participating agencies.

A Guide to Transportation Decision-Making
The Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration developed the "Citizen's Guide to Transportation Decision-Making" to help the public understand how transportation decisions are made at the local, state, and national levels.

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