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Angoon Community Association

Background / Program Administration & Staff

Angoon is located on the southwest coast at Kootznahoo Inlet, on the west side of Admiralty Island. Admiralty Island has long been the home of the Kootznoowoo Tlingit tribe. Kootznoowoo means "fortress of bears."

The area covers 22.5 square miles of land and 16.1 miles of water. Angoon is accessible by either floatplane or State ferry. Scheduled and charter floatplane services are available from the State-owned seaplane base on Kootznahoo Inlet.

The economic base includes commercial fishing and the Chatham School District is the primary employer. Employment opportunities are extremely limited, and prompt some to leave in search of jobs. Angoon has a 38% unemployment rate.

The Angoon population is 606. The Angoon tribal population is approximately 450.

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Transportation System

Surface Transportation - Angoon has approximately 7 existing miles and 39.7 proposed miles of roadway. Marine facilities include a deep draft dock, a small boat harbor, and Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) ferry terminal. There is no barge service, with all freight arriving via AMHS ferry, and can be arranged for large shipments. The AMHS ferry serves Angoon four times a week (two north and two south).

Air Transportation -The State is conducting an airport location study. BIA has indicated a commitment to partner on this project. The State of Alaska built and maintains a seaplane base for air transportation in and out of Angoon.

Public Transportation - Currently there is no mass transit on Angoon.

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photo of a white building: State of Alaska Public Seaplane FloatMaintenance

The City of Angoon maintains the roads. The State provides funding to support the 2.5 miles for the road to the AMHS ferry terminal. BIA also provides road maintenance funds.

Planning & Proposed Projects

The Angoon tribe recently formed a Roads Committee. The Roads Committee will soon be developing a transportation needs plan.

Additional planning includes a hike/bike trail along the platted road right-of-way to Danger Point for access to whale watching, development of streets to the village corporation's shareholder lands, as well as a new graveyard.

Upgrade of the ferry terminal is on the STIP. Angoon has indicated a desire to be on the new AMHS Fast Vehicle Ferry route.

Coordination with Federal/State/Local governments

Angoon is a member of the Southeast Conference.


Angoon has 13 miles of highway on the BIA inventory.

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