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Koyokuk, Alaska is on the Yukon River west of Fairbanks with a population of 90. Access is by air and water.

Aerial view of Koyokuk, Alaska
Koyokuk, Alaska

Aerial view of runway at Koyokuk
Runway at Koyokuk

Cockpit view of landing at Koyokuk
Landing at Koyokuk

Planning and Maintenance
Koyokuk has a 5 year transportation plan that has been completed by Tanana Chiefs Council. There is 2.1 miles on the IRR inventory and about 5.1 miles of total roadway.

There is a project underway for the airport and access road to the airport. The runway is maintained by the state. There is no maintenance on village roads summer or winter.

access road

access road

Trail Marking Program
Koyokuk has participated in the trail marking project that has been funded by ADOT. Members of the village set up trail markings on trails and on the river.

Trail Markings

Trail Marking Tripods
Trail Marking Tripods

Village Issues
There are erosion and erosion control issues. There has been discussion of possible relocation of village.

There are currently 115 projects on the BIA needs list for Alaska. With current funding levels, about 6 project are started each year.

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