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Minto, Alaska is west of Fairbanks on the Elliot Highway. The village has a population of about 200.

Minto Village Council Artwork

Image of Elliot Highway to Minto
Elliot Highway to Minto

Image of road to and from Minto
Road to and from Minto

Minto has a transportation planner and gets technical assistance from Tanana Chiefs Council and BIA. The village is working closely with ADOT on the planning for the airport project.

Image of plans for Airport Improvement Project
Plans for Airport Improvement Project

Image of existing Runway at Minto
Existing Runway at Minto

Minto has an ongoing IRR construction project. The village is doing most of the work on the project and it provides some employment for the village.

The village stated they had input from the beginning on the current project. Having input into projects is a primary concern of the village council.

Image of road construction in Minto

Image of IRR Construction Project in Minto
IRR Construction Project in Minto

Image of a surveyor in Minto

Image of survey work on IRR Project
Survey Work on IRR Project

Issues Identified by the Village
It is difficult for a small village to come up with matching funds for a project. The village can use in kind match – gravel, equipment – for some projects.

The village needs equipment for maintenance. There is some equipment and some maintenance in the village. The village has been able to get some equipment through BIA.

It is very important for state and BIA to meet with the villages. Village wants input into projects, but needs input and technical assistance from BIA, TCC, and state.

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