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Ruby, Alaska is on the Yukon River, west of Fairbanks. Access to Ruby is by airplane and there is also access by boat on the Yukon River.

Aerial view of Ruby, Alaska
Ruby, Alaska

Aerial view of Airport and Airport Road
Airport and Airport Road

Image of Runway at Ruby, Alaska
Runway at Ruby, Alaska

Planning and Projects
The Village of Ruby depends on the Tanana Chiefs Council for transportation. Ruby has a 5 year transportation plan. The road to the cemetery is the top priority for the village. There is an airport improvement project scheduled for 2007.

Street view of Ruby, Alaska
Ruby, Alaska

State provides maintenance funding for the Ruby to Poorman Road and the airport road. Maintenance is contracted to the village and there is one full time and one half time employee.

Image of the Yukon River at Ruby Alaska
Yukon River at Ruby Alaska

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