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Focus Areas

More than 30 CPTP Projects are now underway in six focus areas.

Advanced Pavement Design

  • Contributions to M-E Pavement Design/2002 Pavement Design Guide
    (ISLAB 2000 and coefficient of thermal expansion test)
  • Cost-effective design features
  • High-performance pavements
  • Improved joint systems
  • Ultrathin whitetopping design process

Improved Concrete Materials

  • Compatible combinations of concrete materials
  • Concrete mixture optimization
  • Improved concrete characteristics

Improved Construction Processes

  • Concrete curing
  • Construction traffic management
  • Dowel bar placement control
  • Impact of smoothness specification
  • Improved construction management - HIPERPAVE II & TEMP
  • Mobile concrete laboratory
  • Performance-related specifications

Repair and Rehabilitation

  • Field trials of promising methods
  • Improved rehabilitation guidelines and strategies
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Precast panels for full-depth repair
  • Precast panels for rapid rehabilitation
  • Repair of ultrathin whitetopping
  • Weekend intersection reconstruction

Workforce Training

  • Communications (web site, newsletter, product alerts)
  • Field demonstration projects
  • Guides and training materials
  • Other technology transfer activities
  • Workshops for State transportation departments and academia

Enhanced User Satisfaction

  • Congestion reduction
  • Optimal surface texturing for noise and accident reduction
  • Smoothness criteria
  • Smoothness data analysis
Updated: 02/20/2015

United States Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration