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Bridges & Structures


Note on saving data files:

Some of the data files are large and can take some time to load. After you click on the link, please make sure the file is loaded before saving. Below are examples of a file loading and a file completely loaded.

Note on importing the data:

To import into Excel, choose the Data Tab, then From Text, choose your file from saved directory and import. Import wizard pops up. Choose Delimited File, Comma Separated and the Text Qualifier is a single quote (not double which is excel default), on the next screen which is the Column Data Format screen highlight the structure number column (column 2) and choose "TEXT" for the structure number column format rather than the default of "GENERAL" this will import the structure numbers correctly and keep the formatting.

Notes on using the data:

  1. The NBI data should not be used for route clearance purposes. In general, bridges are required to be inspected every 24 months so data displayed could have changed
  2. After downloading the data you will need to distinguish the subset of "highway bridges". To obtain this set items 5a=1; 49>=6.1meters; 112=Y and 42a=1 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8.
  3. To make data use easier starting in 2013 only highway bridges are written to the download file. An additional status field was also added (see record layout)
  4. All data in the inventory and operating fields is downloaded in metric tons even if rating factor is indicated. The factor was converted to metric tons.
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Updated: 01/09/2015
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