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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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November 25
1963 "Our 41,000 Mile Superhighway" by Administrator Rex Whitton appears in Sunday newspapers read by over 8 million families, placing the Interstate System in perspective as one of the country's great capital assets benefiting the business community and the American public. The article, the Administrator's first-hand account of the progress of the Interstate Highway Program, is accompanied in most papers by photographs of an Interstate highway, a map of the entire System, and a statement from Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges. The January 1963 issue of The News in Public Roads observes that the coverage of the article is "an indication of the widespread interest of newspapers in the Interstate program."
Promotion of the Interstate System -- With Administrator Rex Whitton looking on, Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges opens "Highways, U.S.A.," an exhibit in the Department of Commerce Building lobby, marking 5 years of Interstate construction (1956-1961).
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