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Interstate Maintenance Discretionary Program - Application

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How to Apply

Submission Requirements:

Only State transportation departments may submit applications for funding under this program. The application for each project must be submitted by the deadline and include the following information (19 items) so that a proper evaluation may be made of all candidate projects. Applications that do not include these items are incomplete and may not be considered in the evaluation and selection process. The application for each project must be submitted electronically in MS Word format, and should be limited to three pages.

  1. State in which the project is located.
  2. County in which the project is located.
  3. U.S. Congressional District No.(s) in which the project is located. This is the U.S. Congressional District, not the State district.
  4. U.S. Congressional District Member's and U.S. Senators' Names. This is the U.S. Congressional members, not the State legislature.
  5. Project Title - A short project description that readily identifies the project including the Interstate route number.
  6. Project Location - Describe the specific location of the project, including route number and termini, if applicable. Also include appropriate local jurisdiction in which the project is located.
  7. Urban or Rural - Indicate name of urban area or indicate location is in a rural area.
  8. Proposed Work - Describe the project scope of work that is to be completed with the funding, and whether this is a complete project or part of a larger project. Only include work that would be eligible for the IMD funding.
  9. Eligibility - Describe how the proposed project meets the statutory eligibility requirements of 23 U.S.C. 118(c)(1) (see page 2 for details). State under which statutory section the segment of Interstate was added to the system to the extent known.
  10. Current ADT - Provide the current 2-way average daily traffic (ADT), including the percentage of trucks.
  11. Number of Through Lanes - Provide the number of lanes before and after completion of the project. This and the ADT are used to gauge congestion on the route.
  12. Project Purpose & Benefits - This should include a list of the needs for the project and how each of those needs will be addressed by completion of the project. Other transportation benefits that will result from completion of the project, such as improved public safety, economic development, community enhancement, etc., should be described. Specifics, such as anticipated reductions in crash rates, etc. should be provided if available.
  13. Total Project Cost - Indicate the total estimated cost of the project. Do not include costs which would be considered outside the scope of an Interstate maintenance project such as extensions or relocations of non-Interstate routes outside of an interchange.
  14. Amount of Federal IMD Funds Requested - Indicate the amount of Federal IMD funds being requested for the fiscal year. Candidates should only be submitted from projects that are ready to advance as provided in the solicitation. If a State is willing to accept partial funding of the request, that amount should also be indicated, and should be based upon the ability to fashion a project that is ready to advance in the fiscal year with the limited amount of funding.
  15. Commitment of Other Funds - Indicate the amounts and sources of any private or other public funding being provided as part of this project. Only indicate those amounts of funding that are firm and documented commitments. Do not include funding that was provided for previous projects or previous or future phases of work.
  16. Previous IMD Funding - Indicate the amount and fiscal year of any previous IMD funds received for this project. Only include previous IMD funds, not other funding sources.
  17. Future Funding Needs - Indicate the estimated future funding needs for the project, including anticipated requests for additional IMD funding and the items of work for which the funds are needed. For example, if the current request is for an initial phase of construction, funding needs for future construction should be included.
  18. Obligation of IM Funds - Describe how the State will obligate all of its IM apportionments before the end of the fiscal year. Transferring IM funds in whole or in part to other fund categories does not constitute obligation of IM funds. Provide a separate spreadsheet or document if necessary.
  19. Project Schedule - The anticipated project schedule (assuming the requested IMD funding is provided) is required. The schedule should show when the funds will be obligated (month and year), when construction will commence, and the anticipated completion date. Applications should only be submitted for projects that are ready to advance if the funding request is met.

If the State desires to submit additional information, such as maps, pictures, copies of support letters etc., those items must be submitted electronically in PDF format no larger than 2 megabytes to the FHWA division office, who will submit them to the Office of Program Administration. This additional information should be identified by the State and Project Title that matches items 1 and 5 of the electronic application. These additional items are not required. Any support letters should be addressed and sent to the Federal Highway Administrator.

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