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Geotechnical Engineering


Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Underground Mines
Fourth Biennial Abandoned Underground Mine Workshop

Abstract: North Dakota Public Service Commission Abandoned Mine Lands Division

William E. Dodd

Likely Discussion Topics:

  • Overview of the North Dakota Public Service Commission, Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Division
    • PSC Organization
    • AML Authorization
    • AML Funding
  • Types of AML Problems in North Dakota
    • Dangerous Highwalls
    • Hazardous Spoil Piles
    • Dangerous Water Bodies
    • Polluted Water
    • Coal Fires
    • Underground Mine Subsidence
  • Subsidence Control Beneath Structures and Roads
    • Early Projects (1982-1990) Slurry-Fill & Daylighting
    • Recent Projects (1991-2001) Pressurized Grout Remote Backfilling
  • Developments and Developing Issues in Pressurized Grout Remote Backfilling
    • Flyash Use and Mix Design
    • Structural Surveys and Monitoring
    • Partnering
    • Geophysical Void Detection
    • Groundwater Monitoring
    • Drillhole Backfilling
  • OSM Indonesia Project
    • I participated in a phase of this project to suppress coal seam fires near roads and other structures in East Kalimantan, Indonesia in 1999.

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Updated: 04/15/2015

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